About Us

Hi darlings,


Lovely to meet you if this is the first time you've landed on this page, we wanted to use it as a space to tell you a bit more about us, and our business. Oh and also share some cute pics :)

We started our business 5 and a half years ago now (we'll update this section every 6 months or so) and the time has really flown by, the main reason being we are having lots of fun. We're two sisters from Barry, South Wales, and we actually started Spectrum because we wanted to stay in Wales and also work in the fashion and beauty industry, but the main problem was there wasn't really one, so we started our own.

The best part of running our business is that we get to work together, stay in Wales and also the fact that we've created an amazing brand which we're really proud of completely from scratch and with no backing or experience. considering neither of us had a clue what we were doing when we started we have done a lot of business since then.

We've gone from a garage in Barry to a globally recognised beauty brand, not bad for two sisters who started as photographers and videographers.

Our team has also grown, and we're very lucky to be one of the best beauty brands in Wales, so we have taken on and nurtured an amazing group of people who also wanted to stay in Wales and work for a 'big brand' instead of doing what a lot of people from small towns and more rural areas feel they have to do, and move to London. We're keeping our talented team at home and our HQ is the heart of our business.

Whenever we can, we try and spark inspiration for people who would love to start their own business, we are examples of the fact that if you work hard enough, you really can get what you want. And when we say work hard, we mean it. But the reward is worth it when you've put in your all. One thing we love to do, when we get the chance, is help to inspire young people to start their own businesses, talks and panels are really wonderful, but we travel so much we can't always commit to certain dates too far in advance. So on a daily basis we talk to people on social media and are always answering questions we get sent in on e-mail and online platforms. It's so important to stay in touch with the most important people, our customers and fans of the brand.


That's one thing you may not know about us if you aren't aware of our backstory, that we're 

Add some sass to your make-up bag with Spectrum Collections, the experts in bold, beautiful vegan make-up brushes and accessories. 

Spectrum Collections pride themselves on creating trend led products with professional performance. Vibrant colour palettes are teamed with expert, hand-crafted design to ensure your brushes are not only beautiful but offer exceptional quality.

Favoured by make-up lovers of all skill levels, they are widely loved by beginners and internationally acclaimed make-up artists alike. 

Spectrum has quickly become a make-up bag staple and much loved by customers world-wide for the iconic designs and superior quality, but also being a cruelty free brand, who are proud to be Vegan Society and PETA registered.

*No unicorns were harmed in the making of Spectrum Brushes.