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Your Essential Guide to Setting up your Makeup Table

How-to | September 04, 2023
Your Essential Guide to Setting up your Makeup Table

Do you spend far too much time sitting on the bed trying to do your makeup with a tiny mirror? Or cross-legged on the floor in front of your full length mirror? Those makeup spills on the carpet can be a nightmare!

What you need is a makeup table. We’re talking a designated space, with a decent mirror, that’s well-lit and where you can store all your makeup. Sounds like a dream right? Well let’s make that dream a reality. Here we’ll run through everything you need to know about setting up your dressing table. We’ve got storage solutions and bedroom makeup table ideas aplenty.

Choosing the Right Makeup Table

When it comes to finding the right makeup table for you, you’ll need to consider:

-       The size: Too big and it will crowd your space in your bedroom, too small and you won’t get proper use out of it. Decide on the perfect space in your room, measure up and pick one that works with your dimensions.

-       Features: Do you want a dressing table with plenty of room to display your makeup and jewellery or house a mirror? Or are you all about storage space for all your makeup, brushes and accessories?

-       Style: Your dressing table should complement the style of your bedroom, not detract from it. If you love a boho vibe in your décor, distressed wood will work well. For a contemporary style opt for tempered glass or mirrored. You also can’t go wrong with classic wood, which will work with both traditional and modern décor choices.

How to Set Your Makeup Table up

Once you’ve chosen your makeup table and you’ve got it in position, you’ll need to set it up properly so you can make the most out of it. And that doesn’t mean stuffing all your makeup brushes in a drawer!

Here are some makeup table ideas to get it set up to perfection:

-       Use a makeup brush storage box: Rather than putting your go-to makeup brushes in a drawer with all your other accessories, opt for a makeup brush storage box on top of your table. Now you’ll have everything in place and you’ll know exactly where that blush brush is just when you need it.

-       Mirror, mirror on the wall (or table): You need a good size mirror on your table to make sure you can see exactly what you’re doing. If you have space on your table, then great. Even better if you can mount a mirror on the wall behind your makeup table.

-       Think about your lighting: Is the main light in your bedroom sufficient to see what you’re doing? Can you really see the detail? If not, a lamp on your table or next to it is essential.

-       Use decorative containers: Again, rather than cluttering up your drawers, you can use pretty containers to house makeup, jewellery, hair bobbles and more. We love decorative bowls or apothecary jars. They’re perfect if you can match them up with the design style of your bedroom. Just remember less is more, as you don’t want your table to become overcrowded.

-       Create a jewellery stand: It’s a fun and easy way to add a little personalisation to your table and means you’ll have your jewellery right at hand.

-       Add some greenery: Whether a bunch of flowers, a small indoor plant or a single stem, bringing some greenery onto your table will help create a calming and relaxing atmosphere while you get to work.

-       Create good energy with crystals: If you’re into your crystals, not only will they bring some colour to your makeup table but if you choose the right ones they can help with creativity, create a sense of calm and aid your beauty routine. Rose quartz was believed by the Ancient Egyptians to combat skin aging and promote new cell generation. It’s also thought to be a “love stone” which can help you attract relationships and love. Amethyst is supposed to be a relaxing crystal that can help you put aside negative sensations like stress and anxiety.

How to Stay Organised and Efficient

If you’re doing your makeup in the morning before work or you’ve got a quick turnaround for a Friday night out, you don’t want to be searching high and low for your go-to primer or bronzer. You need an organised space with storage aplenty.

Now we’ve already mentioned a makeup brush storage box and some decorative bowls, but you want to make good use of your drawers and the rest of your table too. Here are some dressing table makeup storage ideas to get you thinking.

-       Use drawer dividers: This is a great way to keep your makeup and cosmetics organised. By placing dividers in your drawers, you can create separate spaces for different products. You can have a space for skincare, eye makeuplips, foundation and so on.

-       Keep your everyday makeup in a makeup bag: Having the items that are part of your everyday makeup arsenal right at hand in a makeup bag will definitely speed up your morning makeup routine.

-       Use a mirror with shelf space: Now you’ll have the perfect place to store your hairspray or dry shampoo, just when you need it.

-       Store makeup sponges on a sponge stand: Using a sponge holding stand means that your makeup sponges will dry efficiently and won’t get contaminated by touching other surfaces.

-       Label your drawers: Make labels for face products, eye products, lip products and more.

-       Organise your eyeshadow palettes by tone: Have dedicated areas for warm, cool and neutral tones. With your makeup easy to access, you can focus on creating those smokey eyes.

And finally, always keep everything clean. Wipe down all surfaces, properly clean your makeup brushes and accessories after use and store them in the same place every time.

The Takeaway

Whatever look you’re trying to create, you’ll be well organised and efficient with a properly set up makeup table. No more searching high and low in piles of makeup and brushes.

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