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Last Chance To Buy Katie Jane Hughes

Last Chance To Buy Katie Jane Hughes

It's your last chance to buy our Katie Jane Hughes collection, darlings! 

The Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes professional brush sets offer premium tools with precision, artistry and education at the heart of the design. Each brush has been lovingly crafted, bespoke to Katie’s unique style of makeup.

Luxe, cream coloured synthetic bristles are complimented by pale gold-hued ferrules in robust copper material, atop glossy olive-toned handles, finished in a tapered design made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable wood.

The 25 Piece brush set is housed in a premium vegan leather tube case that doubles up as vanity table display or storage, the case is wipeable and double lined offering exceptional quality with debossed logo detailing.

Katie Jane Hughes Brushes

How It Started

Back in February 2021, we collaborated with celebrity and editorial makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes to create her first ever product collaboration; a 25-piece brush set for all beauty lovers.

Katie has built a close and collaborative online community, promoting makeup as experimental, artistic and even therapeutic. With glossy skin and a pop of colour as her go-to, Katie is known for her approachable style which is both fresh and fun. Her bright, bold aesthetic makes her the perfect fit for Spectrum, a brand built on the power of colour. As well as an impressive client list and portfolio, Katie is known for her tricks and techniques, bridging the gap between makeup professionals and makeup enthusiasts. Katie’s education is industry-renowned and as her most frequently asked questions are tool related, it made sense for Katie’s first ever product collaboration to be brushes.

Katie Jane Hughes Brushes

The Brush Sets

From precision powder placement to an eyeliner brush that draws the flick for you, all brushes included in the sets are bespoke for Katie’s unique style of makeup artistry.

The brush handles are tapered to resemble paint brushes, which also make them easier to store. They are also FSC certified wood, a more environmentally responsible choice.

The makeup brush ferrule is made from copper, a more durable and hard-wearing material, designed to sustain the prolonged use, travel and washing of a makeup artist.

Katie Jane Hughes Brushes

Made from highest quality vegan PU leather (non-PVC), the brush tube that comes with the 25 Piece Set is wipeable and double lined offering exceptional quality. After many samples to achieve Katie’s desired structure, the tube remains firm yet flexible and ensures practicality and style in equal measure.

True to Katie's way of working as a celebrity and editorial makeup artist, the 25 piece set also includes a microfibre towel to allow full creative freedom when creating beautiful makeup looks. Buff off any excess product or pigment and re-use your tools to soften or define each look.

Katie Jane Hughes Brush Towel

We have chosen the most premium and sustainable materials possible. This collection has minimal plastic, any single-use plastic is to ensure the brushes are kept in pristine condition. Hygiene has also been a huge consideration in the limited use of plastic, which is bioplastic and will degrade within 12 months of disposal.

Inspired by her widely admired and emulated makeup technique, our KJH collection is a must-have in any makeup artist, or beauty lovers tool kit! If you want it all, you can shop the most desired KJH products in our bundle.

Katie Jane Hughes Bundle

It's your last chance to buy Katie Jane Hughes makeup brushes, so don't miss out lovelies!


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