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KJH 25 Piece Brush Set

114 reviews

Please note this product will ship in 5-7 working days. One of the Beauty Industry's most anticipated launches of 2021,... Know More

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KJH 25 Piece Brush Set


This product

Please note this product will ship in 5-7 working days.

One of the Beauty Industry's most anticipated launches of 2021, the exclusive Spectrum x Katie Jane Hughes 25 piece professional brush set offers premium tools with precision, artistry and education at the heart of the design. Each brush has been lovingly crafted, bespoke to Katie’s unique style of makeup. 

Luxe, cream coloured synthetic bristles are complimented by pale gold-hued ferrules in robust copper material, atop glossy olive-toned handles, finished in a tapered design made from FSC ( Forest Stewardship Council) sustainable wood. 

Housed in a premium vegan leather tube case that doubles up as vanity table display or storage, the case is wipeable and double lined offering exceptional quality with debossed logo detailing.

True to Katie's way of working as a celebrity and editorial makeup artist, the set also includes a microfibre towel to allow full creative freedom when creating beautiful makeup looks, buff off any excess product or pigment and re-use your tools to soften or define each look. 

    The finer details

    • Limited to one per customer

      Please note this brush set is limited to one set per customer due to high demand.
    • Materials and Composition

      • Brush Set
      • 100% synthetic taklon bristles
      • Pale gold copper material ferrules
      • Glossy Olive green FSC wood handles
      • Tube Case
      • Width: 9.5cm
      • Height: 20.5cm
      • Depth: 9.5cm
      • PU Shell with Clear TPU lid
      • Wipe Clean Only
    • Brushes 01 - 06 Detail

      Brush 01 – The biggest brush in the collection, I was hesitant at first to have a brush this large in the kit, but a lot of people like a brush this big and I've been loving using it for bronzer. You can really place the bronzer deep into the hairline, forehead as well as the cheekbones and under the jaw.

      Brush 02 – Really good, simple and straightforward blush brush that can be used for any powder and cream products, as can all of the brushes. Really soft and a little bit more dense to Brush 03 which is of a similar shape.

      Brush 03 – Beautiful duo-fibre cheek brush that can also be used for foundation or placing contour. I love this brush because it's really soft and delicate and will work beautifully with creams and powders.

      Brush 04 – Another lovely duo-fibre brush, which I really love as it gives a different application to single fibre brushes. Typically duo-fibre work beautifully for creams and non duo-fibres for powders, but again, there are really no rules.

      Brush 05 – A really good angled brush, great for shading and great for blush if you want a really soft impression. Also great for powder for the tapered point, I wanted a tapered brush with a pinched ferrule so it just felt a bit more precise.

      Brush 06 – A typical foundation brush however it works beautifully for powder placement. Really pressing on the powder helps to make sure you won't overdo it and allows you to easily shape things up, like eyeliner or a contour using powder.

    • Brushes 07 - 13 Detail

      Brush 07 – A really versatile large, smudgy and wide type of pencil brush. Great for around the entire lash line, for blurring the lip edge and placing concealer in large spaces.

      Brush 08 – A brush so amazing we gave you two in the set! You can use it for highlighter, bit of contour, concealer, powder, it’s amazing.

      Brush 09 – We went back and forth a few times when developing this brush as I wanted it quite long across the width, so you could clean up big eyeliner in one sweep. This brush is really unique because you can put it in the water line with a cream liner or you can clean up any kind of make-up mistakes around the lip or eyeline.

      Brush 10 – A great 'everything blender'. Easily get around the nose and eyes, you can blend your eyeshadow, use it for concealer, blend in lipsticks, and prime the eyes with it. I just love the rounded, very full shape, it's a smaller version of the favourite number 08.

      Brush 11 – Probably my favourite eyeshadow blending brush, I love this for concealer as well as eyeshadow. Perfect for cream eyeshadow and powder eyeshadow, it's just the perfect shape and size.

      Brush 12 – Really nice small pinched ferrule detailing brush, great for lash line detail, or a blurry lip, ideal for all the smaller details.

      Brush 13 – A slightly longer version of a pencil brush to give you more traction with a little bit of movement in the bristles. Most pencil brushes are dense so this one is longer to allow you to blend and place densely at the same time.

    • Brushes 14 - 19 Detail

      Brush 14 - I wanted a brush that felt pointy but flat so you could do a lot of detailing with it, this is Brush 14. I like this because it's pointy you can create a lovely cupids bow if you want for your lip or you can get right into the inner corner of your eye with cream eyeshadow.

      Brush 15 – One of my favourites, I love using this wet packing on a metallic eyeshadow or around the lash line, or even for concealer or a lip colour.

      Brush 16 - I wanted a brush that was like a flat lip brush but could be a flat concealer brush, or even a flat top brush to go inside of the water line. Number 16 is a really long brush that allows for you to really draw on the lip colour you might be wearing perfectly, as well as painting on any kind of eyeshadow cream textures and formulas.

      Brush 17 – A really great small delicate petite blender, brushes like this are few and far between, I like this because it is one of those necessary ones for really small details or even smaller eyelids.

      Brush 18 – A really essential pencil brush that is nice and pointy at the tip, really allows for you to get into the lash line and create interesting details on the eyes, or you can use it to pin point conceal or you can blur a lip.

      Brush 19 – Another one of the smaller more petite blending brushes for the crease or for the lash line to really build shapes, shadows and details with.

    • Brushes 20 - 24 Detail

      Brush 20 – A really great flat concealer brush or eyeshadow cream brush.

      Brush 21 – A dream cut crease brush, to draw in under brow details or you can even feather brow products with a brush like this because its pointy enough and small enough but not too dense where it can create lines and stripes.

      Brush 22 – Iconic eyeliner brush, great for a bold wing, dense enough to apply a decent amount of product but pointy enough for precision as well. I love using these brushes with a wet eyeshadow or using a makeup setting spray and eyeshadow.

      Brush 23 - I really wanted to create an eyebrow brush with a really nice eyebrow liner brush at the end that could actually double as an eyeliner brush for eyes. Definitely store this brush spoolie-side down to keep the bristles on the brush side nice and defined. Use this with a cream eyebrow paste, pinch the bristles to create a hairlike stroke.

      Brush 24 – Inspired by nail art brushes, I've made tweaks to my favourite makeup brushes to make them a bit more like art brushes. This brush is a really long, thin liner brush, great for doing longer thinner lines with precision.

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    Hayley S.
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Amazing brushes I’m empowered to use

    I’ve always been intimidated by makeup brushes and when you’re *supposed* to use what. But KJH has taught me that ~it doesn’t matter~ and whatever I want to use it for is fine. These are gorgeous, soft, well-shaped and well made, aesthetic brushes that I have no doubt will last me a lifetime, if I treat them well. Highly recommend these or the smaller sets if you’re after an investment set to last you, that will treat you and your face beautifully.

    United States United States
    The best brushes!!

    First I bought the 11 piece thinking I wouldn’t need 25 since I have a ton of brushes. I was wrong!! I’m so glad i ended up getting the 25 piece and giving my friend the 11. Now I don’t even touch my old brushes. Also, the customer service at Spectrum is amazing!!

    Laura B.
    United States United States

    I am not even a makeup kind of person, but I love KJH so much that I wanted to try these. I've been able to create much more fun makeup looks with the inspiration of these brushes. Everything about them is perfect.

    A Spectrum Collections Customer
    Vicky E.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    So soft yet sturdy. Love my set

    A Spectrum Collections Customer
    Stephanie L.
    Hong Kong Hong Kong

    Overall with the brushes, they are very easy to use and soft on the skin. I love that it's numbered and it's not the typical specified brush for it's only purpose. The micro fibre cloth was nice and easy to clean in the wash too. The only problem I had was the button of the case that doesn't always fit on one side and is left unsecure.


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