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How To Add Veganuary Into Your Beauty Routine

How To Add Veganuary Into Your Beauty Routine

And just like that, it’s 2024! Happy New Year to all our Spectrum babes. If, like us, you’re looking to kick off the year by adding more positivity to your daily life, then Veganuary is a fabulous way to start. Veganuary can help you try new things, help the environment and even help you develop some great new habits.

Most people think Veganuary is all about switching to a vegan diet, but there are other ways you can get involved too. Taking Veganuary and giving it a beauty twist could be just the thing to get you thinking about your beauty products in a new way and give you a new routine you can stick to.

Ready to shine this Veganuary? Take a look at how you can add Veganuary into your beauty routine.

Start With A Little Clear Out

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to have a clear out, ready to start the year afresh. It gives you a chance to look through your products and see what you can get rid of. Some great tips for a new year beauty declutter include:

  • Check the expiry date on your beauty products. You can learn more about beauty expiry dates to help you know when your products are past their best.
  • Dispose of your empties and go the extra mile by making sure you recycle your products and packaging to help the environment.
  • If you have products you don’t use or no longer need, consider giving them to friends or family or even donate them to a good cause. For unopened beauty products, you can donate them through charities like Beauty Banks to help them go to women in need.
  • Inspect your brushes for damage. If your brushes are looking past their best, it may be time to dispose of them and treat yourself to a new set.

Invest In Some Guilt-Free Brushes (and learn to take care of them)

Adding more vegan products into your beauty routine is something you can do gradually, adding products as you need them to help prevent waste. A new set of brushes can be a great place to start, and by choosing Spectrum brushes, you know you’re getting vegan and cruelty-free products. Some of our top picks include:

Best for a full refresh:

If you want to completely overhaul your brushes and start fresh, you can’t beat our bestselling Deluxe 20 Pc Brush Set. Featuring 20 unique brush shapes, this set combines all the tools you’ll need for effortless application of powder, cream, liquid and gel products making this the perfect choice for professional makeup artists or makeup lovers looking to elevate their artistry.

Best for everyday basics:

Everyone needs a set of reliable, stylish brushes in their beauty kit, which is why our Millennial Pink 8-Piece Eye Set is the perfect addition to your collection. Perfect for everyday basics, this signature set comes in our OG styling, proving the classics never go out of style.

Best for a stylish touch:

Want something a little extra for your makeup bag? Let us present our Pantherine 5-Piece Face Set, a fierce but practical brush set that’s all about that base.

Best for high-end looks:

If you want an extra special treat, you can’t beat our bestselling collaboration with pro make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes. We sell both a 25-Piece Brush Set and an 11-Piece Edit to help you stock up on top tools for all your beauty looks. it features new shapes and styles and a premium finish for those pro-worthy looks.

Katie Jane Hughes Makeup Brushes

Pair Your Vegan Makeup Brushes With Top Vegan Makeup

Armed with your new styling tools, you can use them with some top vegan make-up products for beautiful looks. Whether the natural look is your fave or you love to experiment with colour and detail, there are products out there for you.

A glowing complexion is always a great idea to keep you looking fresh-faced. Start with our Glowful Primer to prep your skin, then choose a vegan foundation to even your skin tone and create a stunning base. Our BO1 Buffing Foundation Brush as found in our 10 Piece Essential Makeup Brush Set can help you create a smooth, subtle finish.

Creating the perfect eye look can set you up for the day or get you ready to make an impression at night. But to create a fabulous eye look, you’re going to need the right products. Start with a vegan cream eyeshadow like and either wear alone for a subtle colour wash, or add some depth with our Pantherine Eyeshadow Palette. Our Pantherine 6-Piece Eye Set makes the perfect pairing to help you work your magic.

Enhance your look by adding fullness and texture to your brows. Use the spoolie end of the A24 Double Ended Brow Styler brush, from our Marble 12 Piece Brush Set. Apply a brow gel for the perfect fluffy or laminated brows.

Look After Your Makeup Brushes

As you can see, it’s easier than you think to bring Veganuary into your beauty routine. Don’t forget to take good care of your brushes so you can enjoy them at their best, for longer. Keeping brushes clean is essential for prolonging their life and perfecting your makeup.

Our Vegan Brush Soaps are here to help! Our trusty tins have everything you need to keep your brushes looking their best and smelling fresh without hidden nasties or irritating ingredients.

Spectrum makeup brush soap

Spread The Word!

Finally, if you’re loving the Veganuary addition to your beauty routine, why not shout about it? Talk through your routine on TikTok, snap some selfies for Instagram and tweet your vegan beauty tips to help spread the word. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see your stuff!.

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