8 Piece Eye Blending Set

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Everything you need to create beautiful eye make-up looks. From dark and dramatic, blown out colour, pastel washes and contoured creations, this is the ultimate eye blending set. The larger shaders are ideal to apply a base colour, then build the detail with the smaller shaders and blenders.

The super soft bristles are the perfect way to blend your colour, for the ultimate eye looks use all 8. The possibilities are endless.

Set consists of:

A16 - Precision Crease

B06 - Tall Tapered Blender

B04 - Small Angled Shader

A08 - Medium Fluffy Shader

A07 - Stubby Shader

A12- Fluffy Pencil 

A13 - Short Smudge

C06 - Tulip Eye Contour

All brushes are made from the highest quality synthetic hair. Vegan and Cruelty Free no unicorns were harmed in the making.

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