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Spectrum Talks: Autumn Favourites

Spectrum Talks: Autumn Favourites

At Spectrum, we love Autumn: orange and brown hues, darker Autumn makeup tones, thick scarves and cosy evenings make it a firm favourite. It’s a great season for makeup lovers like us, using new and exciting moisturising products to counteract the cold weather, and getting to dip our brushes into palettes of gold, red and amber. What’s not to love?

Now that we’re coming into the Autumn months, we wanted to see if you were as excited about the changing season as we are, so we asked some of our friends on Twitter about some of their favourite parts of Autumn.

What is Your Favourite Part About Autumn?

Starting off broad, we wanted to know your favourite things about the season ahead.

We absolutely agree with Kelly that the makeup and fashion trends that come with Autumn are a staple. Thick socks, cable-knit jumpers, and knitted scarves are both fashionable and incredibly comfortable. We love Autumn fashion trends!

There were also a fair number of you that are excited for the evenings to get dark earlier. Sometimes sunshine is overrated, right? Who doesn’t love feeling cosy, earlier?

What Film is Your Favourite to Watch in the Autumn Season?

There are few things better to get cosy with than a good film, so we asked for your best Autumn movies. A lot of you suggested something Halloween or horror-based (if you can’t watch them in Autumn, when can you?).

Some of you had some more personal opinions, like Beks, who likes to reminisce on her family time.

What’s Your Favourite Autumn Candle?

Nothing sets the autumnal atmosphere just right like a good candle does. We asked what some of your favourite scents were for getting into the seasonal mood, and anything sweet or spiced proved particularly popular for this time of year:

What’s Your Favourite Autumn Activity?

A lot of your favourite activities focused on being indoors and in front of the TV. We absolutely get it – there’s no where we’d rather be when it’s cold outside than curled up under a blanket!

…but a few of you made a great point: Autumn walks can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. All the colours changing before your eyes is one of the best things about Autumn.

Have a Cool, Crisp Autumn or Go Back to the Summer Sun?

Although there was some slight variation, we think Kelly sums it up pretty well in her response:

For the most part, we’re done with Summer here at Spectrum, and are excited for all the cosy opportunities that Autumn brings with it – and that’s not to mention the amount of different looks we can now embrace with the new season!

As much as we love the cosy evenings, during Autumn and Winter it’s more important than ever to embrace self-care. It’s easy to fall victim to darker evenings affecting your mood, so be sure to check in with yourself and your loved ones as the months go on.

Stay Inspired with Spectrum

If you’re looking forward to changing up your makeup routine to fit the Autumn aesthetic, why not have a look at our makeup and brush sets to inspire your looks?

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