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3 Autumn and Winter Makeup Looks

3 Autumn and Winter Makeup Looks

Being in the colder winter months, a lot of people are looking to switch up their look with some winter makeup trends. Finding the right look for you can be overwhelming but we’ve narrowed down three key looks for winter makeup. Plus, we’ll guide you through which products to use and how to use them.


  1. Frost Makeup

 One of the main growing trends we are seeing for autumn and winter makeup is ‘frosty makeup’. Think frosted eye shadow or a metallic wash that makes your eyes pop. Although it looks difficult, this look is simple to achieve.


-        It’s important to start with a good base. Hydrated skin will help your makeup glow and your skin look fresh. Use a nourishing moisturiser and leave it to penetrate the skin for a few minutes. 

-        To blur any imperfections and help your makeup stay for longer, use an illuminating primer. Then keep your base natural and light and choose a tinted moisturiser to keep your skin looking fresh. Use a foundation brush to apply if you want more coverage while keeping the base light.

-        Once your base has set, add your bronzer to get a healthy winter skin look. Use a powder brush to ensure you get just the right amount of product and apply it to the parts of your face that the sun hits. Sweep across your forehead and over your cheekbones.

-        For the perfect frosted look, dab a frosty silver shadow or metallic shade into the inner corner of each eye to brighten and enlarge your eyes. Alternatively tap your frosty shimmer onto the centre of the lid to make your eyes look bigger and rounder. Use a brush to help control where you apply your frosty eye shadow.

-        Once you’ve frosted your eyes, coat your lashes with your favourite black mascara ensuring you add a light coat to your bottom lashes to enhance your eyes.

-        Keep your lips natural and apply a lush, hydrating lip balm which will lock in moisture during the winter months as well as keep your pout soft and supple.

-        To finish, use the same lip balm to bounce onto the apples of your cheeks and brow bone for a dewy highlight. Then spritz a hydrating, illuminating facial mist to complete your look.


  1. Deep tones winter makeup

Keen to try a bold colour but feeling a bit nervous? Try keeping it to one area, then leave the rest of your face relatively natural. A classic winter makeup trend is to accentuate your lips by using a deep winter colour. This could be a merlot shade or a deep plum shade as seen on Hayley Bieber. A deep colour on your lip allows your lip to stand out against a natural base. 

-        To achieve this look, it’s important to start by prepping your base with an illuminating primer

-        Once you have applied your primer, pop on your favourite foundation using a foundation brush to ensure an even finish that will last into the early hours.

A look using a deep plum lipstick has an edge of vampiness but it can dull your complexion. After your base has set add some colour to your face by adding a light blush in a warm, rose colour. Apply this to the top of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose using a blush brush.

When using a deep lipstick, you want your eyes to complement your look. Skip the eye shadow and combine your dark lip with long and fluttery eyelashes for an elegant daytime look. For night time and Christmas parties, add a little sparkle using a shimmery nude eye shadow. Use darker shades to sculpt at the outside of your eye and pop the shimmer onto the centre of your eyelid and in the inner corner making sure to blend with a brush. This will give the illusion of big, bright eyes.

Before you apply your deep plum lipstick, it's important to prep the lips first to help your lipstick last all day. Gently exfoliate your lips using a flannel or toothbrush, this will remove any dry skin that could make your lips look flaky. Then apply a lip balm and wait for it to soak in for 10 minutes before blotting away any excess.

Then apply your lipstick straight from the bullet and use a lip brush to spread the colour to the outer lip line. Sharpen up the lipstick by using a lip pencil that matches or is a few shades darker. This will help to frame your lips and make them pop.


     3. “I’m cold”

Don’t you just love those crisp, wintery days when outside walks give your cheeks a deep flush? Well the wintery blush is set to be a trend for autumn and winter makeup. Similar to the ‘Cold girl’ trend from winter 2022 but this time, more is more when it comes to the blusher.  

Firstly prep the skin using a primer and then apply your go-to foundation using an oval foundation brush to get good coverage. For this look, it is important to have a matte base.

This trend is all about the blush. To get the natural looking winter flush, use a cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and then blend it in an upwards motion using a complexion brush. Then add some of the cream blush to the tip of your nose and dap on the centre of your chin and forehead for an all over flush. Alternatively this look can work by adding the blush to the bridge of your nose and then layer some powder blush on top of the cream blush to set.

To complete the “I’m cold” look, use a shimmery pale eye shadow on your eyes to give yourself an icy look. Add some white eyeliner to the upper and lower waterline of your eyes and finally coat your lashes with mascara