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Aspinall Foundation: Our Official Charity Partner

Aspinall Foundation: Our Official Charity Partner

We’ve been working on something special behind the scenes!

Last year we partnered with The Aspinall Foundation to help raise money to support their ground-breaking conservation work - a cause we care passionately about here at Spectrum - and we raised over £8,000 with the help of our customers!⁠ 💖

 Now, a year later, we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we are an official charity partner of The Aspinall Foundation and will support them through fundraising efforts and donations to ensure the foundation continues its vital conservation work.

About the Aspinall Foundation

The Aspinall Foundation is a UK-based charity that is responsible for ground-breaking and innovative projects to protect endangered species around the world and return them to their natural habitats. 🦒

Since their launch, they’ve achieved so much to help breed, nurture and release hundreds of animals from wildlife parks back into the wild. In this time, they have translocated:

  • More than 70 western lowland gorillas
  • 8 black rhinos
  • 2 cheetahs
  • More than 159 langurs and gibbons
  • 20 mandrill
  • 11 Przewalski horses
  • 6 European wolves
  • 12 European bison to areas of protected wilderness.

Aspinall Foundation

“ We are absolutely thrilled to have partnered with Spectrum Collections, who not only create beautiful products, but share our unrivalled passion for animal welfare and conservation. We are extremely grateful for their support in helping us with our mission to protect endangered wildlife and reintroduce animals to their natural habitats. ”

Victoria Aspinall - Aspinall Foundation

As an official charity partner, we will support with fundraising efforts and donations to ensure the foundation can continue their vital conservation work by saving and protecting endangered species, as well as rescuing animals in desperate need from around the world 🌎

“ Animal conservation has always been something so close to our hearts, we have loved visiting Port Lympne over the last two years and seeing the amazing work that they do. We couldn’t be happier to officially partner up with this incredible charity and help support them with fundraising as well as help to educate our Spectrum community with the important message and spread awareness. ”

Sophie and Hannah Pycroft - Spectrum's Co-Founders

Aspinall Foundation

How can you get involved?

We’ll be furthering our mission by donating proceeds from our sales to The Aspinall Foundation. We’re excited to get stuck in and can’t wait for you to join us on this amazing journey.

In the meantime, you can donate directly to The Aspinall Foundation to help them support their work. Even the smallest donation can help, contributing to some of the costs of feeding the animals. 

  • £3,500 could feed the lion pride for a month
  • £300 could feed a rhino for a month
  • £1,350 could feed the entire giraffe herd for a month
  • £4,830 could feed our band of gorillas for a week
  • £6,300 could feed our elephant herd for a month
  • £3,650 could feed a tapir for a year

You can make a donation today and support the Aspinall Foundation or use the donate option when you checkout on our website ✨

Aspinall Foundation

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Keep an eye on our social channels for news about Spectrum x Aspinall Foundation. Spectrum is going wild!

Spectrum x Aspinall Partnership

Aspinall Foundation:
Aspinall Foundation Website

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