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We Answered Some of Google's Top Trending Beauty Questions of 2021!

Inside spectrum | January 11, 2022
We Answered Some of Google's Top Trending Beauty Questions of 2021!

It's finally a New Year! Before we leave 2021 behind, today we're taking a trip down memory lane and answering Google's most searched beauty questions of 2021.



The million dollar question! Our number 1 tip is don't over complicate it! Learn what your skin type is and what your skin care concerns are. Build your skin care routine and stick to it!

These 3 steps are a great starting point when building a skin care routine:

1.  Start off with a gentle cleanser that is recommended for your skin type and use this morning and night.
2.  Follow with a toner and serum. Again, both steps will be determined by what your skin care needs are. Serums can be packed full of amazing ingredients depending on if you want something hydrating, help with dark spots, anti-aging, etc.
3.  Finally, finish with a moisturiser.

And Wallah! You've just built a great skin care routine. You don't need to start off with tons of products, you can slowly introduce other steps or switch out products once you get a better idea on what your skin needs and what works for you. Drink lots of water and eat good food. This also leads us onto our next question...


Although the world of skin care can be a little over whelming, we’ve listed the best order to do skin care to make your life easier! You can screenshot our image so you'll never forget! Some steps you can skip, depending on your skin type! Did you know? You should double cleanse in the evening? The first cleanse is to get rid of all the dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, etc. (Even if you’re not wearing make-up!) The second cleanse is to deep clean your skin and get deep down into your pores. We love an oil based cleanser or a balm which helps to melt away all the initial makeup. Then go in with a facial wash to remove the residue and further cleanse.


Well, you've come to the right place! Take a look at our How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes blog post! You can shop our Brush Cleaning Tools here!


Niacinamide helps to produce cell turnover (basically helping your skin recover and heal itself!) and is great at retaining moisture in the skin, regulate sebum production, improve congestion and helps to calm and balance your skin. Niamcinamide is also suitable for any skin type! It will support hydration, smooth skin texture and redness. It can be used both morning and night. We recommend using it before your moisturiser!


Check out our in-depth YouTube video on how to apply and blend eyeshadow!


Let's face it, toner can be a neglected step in our skin care routine and the main reason being, no-one knew what it was actually for!  Toner helps remove some of the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It also helps prep your skin for the next step like your serum and moisturiser, which ensures they absorb into your skin. Toners will also help minimise the appearance of pores and balance the skin's pH levels, which basically means it helps restore the hydration!
Hydration = plump, glowy skin - yes please!

One thing we have to mention is the myth behind toner...Some may say it's a good step at getting rid of any last makeup or dirt buuuut we hate to say it, this actually just means you haven't cleansed enough! Remember how we said double cleansing is important? Well this is why! If you still pick up residue make-up when toning, it basically means you'll either need a better cleanser or you'll need to double up this step to ensure your skin is squeaky clean!


Rule 1! Always take off your mascara. Letting your mascara flake off and applying a new coat over crusty mascara can actually damage your lashes. They may break off, or if you're prone to picking, you could pick out your beloved lashes!  Try out a lash serum that supports growth. Next, find a really good mascara...we've made this bit easy! Use our Dark Matter mascara for an out of this world lift. Simply put, the best mascara you haven’t tried yet. We wanted volume and length without compromising on clumps, or crunch. It had to be water-resistant and long-lasting, but easy to remove with a vitamin C and E packed nourishing formula.


Yes! funky smell? Change in colour or texture? Then it's time to get rid. If you're not sure then simply check the PAO symbol. This normally looks like a jar with a number and letter inside. E.g. 12M. Also note, that this means “period after opening”. All makeup products expire, so it's important to regularly check and replace any products if you need to! It’s also the perfect opportunity to stock up with our new makeup range and professional makeup brushes.

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