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Spectrum Talks: Makeup Brushes and Tools

Inside spectrum | October 20, 2021
Spectrum Talks: Makeup Brushes and Tools

If you’re a makeup lover, you’ve probably tried all kinds of makeup application – but which is better, brush or sponge? Is there even much of a difference? From applying foundation to highlighter, there are a ton of makeup tools out there to help give you a flawless finish – the only problem is knowing which to choose.

As always, for the best info, we just had to ask our Spectrum sisters via one of our Twitter chats! Join us for a recap below as we share tips on makeup application, brush cleaning and more.

How To Apply Foundation: Brush or Sponge?

Darlings, you know we’re makeup brush mad. That being said, makeup sponges can give an oh-so-amazing finish when it comes to applying your foundation. So, which is more popular? As it turns out, it’s a pretty even split…

 Yes babe – what works for someone else won’t always work for you! And beauty sponges are great for super quick application.

Different foundation brushes apply products in their own way, and there are loads to choose from. If you want some inspo on how to apply makeup, then check out our Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide – we talk through all our favourite foundation brushes for both light and heavier coverage.

We never said you had to pick a side and stick to it though…

We love this. Switching things up with different makeup tools is great for trying new looks. And you can never have enough brushes in our opinion!

How To Apply Highlighter: Which Brush Is Best?

For the ultimate glow, nothing beats a great highlighter. How do you get that perfect application? We’ve got loads of tips in our brush guide, but we wanted to hear from our Spectrum sisters too.

A totally classic choice. One of our favourite highlighter brushes, the A10 brush is fan-shaped and gives a gorgeously soft-focus finish.

 We love the B08 brush. The flame-shaped tip allows for more precise application – sweep across the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone for the ultimate glow.

If it works, it works! We can’t fault this combination. One of the best eye makeup brushes for both eyes and highlighter is the B06 brush, as it’s tapered for a precision finish.

One isn’t Enough: Which Brush Do We Have Multiples Of?

It can be super useful to have multiples of certain brushes, especially if you’re going for a totally glammed-up look or regularly switch up the colours you use. And the most popular type of brush to double up on is… eyeshadow!

 But then there's us...

 You can never have too many brushes! Just try and prove us wrong.

How Often Do You Clean Your Makeup Tools?

We all know keeping our makeup brushes and sponges clean is important – it stops the build up of products on your tools and with them, any nasty bacteria. Let’s face it though, it’s not fun and regular cleaning can be a challenge! We asked for honesty and we got it, so here’s how often we clean our makeup tools…

 We wish we were this organised! If you know keeping your brushes clean isn’t going to be easy, having a system like this can help keep you on track.

We definitely recommend having a separate pot to store your dirty brushes – that way you’ll be less likely to use them longer than you should!

Oh thanks babe! Our makeup brush cleaning tools include our gorgeously scented brush soap, and a hanging towel to speed up the time it takes your brushes to dry.

For more advice on cleaning your beauty tools, read our blog: How To Clean and Dry Your Makeup Brushes Quickly.

Which Makeup Brush Can’t You Live Without?

If you had to give up all your makeup brushes except one, which would you keep? Sorry babes, we know this is a hard question – and it seems like we can’t agree either!

Look at that collection –we’re obsessed.

Refresh Your Collection

Whether you’re team makeup brush or sponge, you need the right tools for you. If your collection’s looking a little bare, we’ve got you. Shop our latex free makeup sponges and single brushes.

Want more advice before you shop? Read our makeup brush guide for tips on foundation, blending, eyes and more.

And finally – don’t miss out on having your say in future Spectrum Talks! Follow us on Twitter where we take on a new topic every Tuesday at 12pm.

Lots of love from Spectrum Collections

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