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Introducing SCULPT By Spectrum

Sculpt | September 30, 2022
Introducing SCULPT By Spectrum

We bring you our brand new collection SCULPT, in collaboration with Ash K Holm.

Hi loves!

We are so proud to say this is the blog post to shout about our incredible new launch, Sculpt by Spectrum, for which we've collaborated with the A-list's favourite makeup artist and also close friend, Ash K Holm. It's almost silly to call her list of 'clients' something which sounds so impersonal, when you can clearly see from the reactions to her brushes that they are so much more than that, which was wonderful for us to see the support for her and our launch.

We've been working on the collection since 2019 which feels like an age ago, when we first met Ash on the rooftop of The West Hollywood Edition and now finally everything has launched and we couldn't be happier with the brushes and what we've achieved as a team.

Sculpt makeup brush set

Everything about the Sculpt brush set is new; every brush shape, the packaging, the hair type and even the name, Sculpt by Spectrum. The best bit is we know you're going to love them. The latest in technology - the hair is a new technically advanced version of vegan materials - is combined with our highest quality yet, and when we say these tools have been tested to the extreme on the faces of some of the most watched people on the planet, you KNOW they have to be the best!

Sculpt makeup brushes

The reaction on social has to be one of the biggest we've ever had, and we're so grateful to everyone for all the love. It really is surreal to think that two sisters from Barry have created a product that is now in some very famous hands, and the brushes have been used to create some of the most iconic makeup looks by Ash.

When we first met Ash all those years ago, what struck us the most was how lovely, genuine and passionate she was about her work and of course her tools that she has in her kit, without which she says she couldn't create that 'magic' she is known for in the industry. We had a lush time getting to know Ash that day and it felt like we completely understood the make the world's best makeup brushes!!

Following the meeting we celebrated in typical Hannah and Sophie style, with a trip down Rodeo drive, a selfie and a glass of you do!

The new sculpt collection

So for launch we're celebrating with our team, again with a glass of wine, but this time from Barry our home and where it all really started.

Lots of love, Sophie & Hannah

Lots of love from Spectrum Collections

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