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How To Clean and Dry Your Make-up Brushes Quickly

Brush cleaning, How-to, Vegan brush cleanser | January 08, 2021
How To Clean and Dry Your Make-up Brushes Quickly

Let's face it, we all dread cleaning our makeup brushes and whilst we *should* wash them regularly, it's hard not to push this task aside! But thanks to our NEW innovative brush towel, we've made brush cleaning SO much easier.

So, let's start the New Year with new habits! It's no secret, that cleaning is at the forefront of our minds at the moment but that doesn't mean we should neglect our tools that some of us use everyday. Why not make washing your brushes a part of your Sunday cleaning ritual, because clean brushes mean clean skin right?! 

No joke! Dirty makeup brushes can accumulate nasty bacteria and can cause breakouts on the skin. So, here's our top tips on how to clean and dry your makeup brushes in a timely, hygienic manner. Yay to no more mess and no more sinks full of makeup brushes! Here's how...

First make quick work of cleaning your brushes and rid them of any product build-up and bacteria with our 100% vegan solid brush soap 

Step 1 - Wet

Firstly, wet the bristles with warm water and try to avoid submerging the whole brush in water as this can rot the handle and also loosen the adhesive. 

Step 2 - Lather 

Create a lather using our deliciously scented Bergamot and Grapefruit vegan solid soap⁠, repeat this a couple times to ensure you cover all the bristles. 

Step 3 - Deep Cleanse

Swirl the brush into the silicone textured mat, located in the lid of the soap for a deeper cleanse. This makes cleaning your brush so much quicker as the textured mat will help lift any stubborn make-up. 

Step 4 - Rinse

Rinse the brush with warm water and squeeze the brush between your fingers to ensure no soap is left. Repeat the above steps if necessary. 

How to dry your brushes quickly 


To help dry your brushes faster, dry off any excess water onto the Laundrette Towel. The towel is made from microfibre material which will help absorb any water. ⁠

Next, pop your brushes into the elasticated slots of the towel and either lay the towel flat or use the removable hooks to hang in a warm space to dry. This will keep your brushes in place and allow air to easily circulate around the brush head.

Top Tip: Hang the towel with the brush heads facing down to avoid any water draining into the handle, as this can loosen the adhesive! 

 Is there anything more satisfying than seeing all your brushes sparkly and clean? And of course, the towel looks super cute hung up in your bathroom. Once your brushes are dry, simply fold and roll to transport your freshly cleaned brushes with ease.

Our Brush Laundrette Towel is also available as a brush cleaning bundle, featuring our vegan Bergamot and Grapefruit Solid Soap. That's right! Freshening up your brushes for the New Year just got easier and we hope our top tips motivate you to indulge in a therapeutic cleanse. Make brush cleaning easy and fun rather than a chore! 



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