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How To Apply Bronzer

How-to | October 06, 2021
How To Apply Bronzer

Our Best Bronzer Tips

Get that sun-kissed glow, year-round! 💫   Here's how, with our best bronzing tips using our ultra-creamy, matte Bronzers.


A05 Mini Bronzer Makeup Brush

Choose the right brush!

Define and contour with our mini signature A05 brush, included with our Sunbounce bronzers. The angled bristles will hug the cheek, whilst the loose bristles will help to diffuse the bronzer seamlessly.



Matte Sunbounce Bronzer

For the sun-kissed look, apply bronzer on the spots that are naturally hit by the sun: the forehead, top of the nose, along the cheekbones, and jawline.

Here are our best tips: 

1.   Swirl your brush in the bronzer using circular motions to cover all bristles, then dab any excess on the back of your hand to prevent over-application.

2.   Use your ear as a guide on where to start your bronzer. Follow the hollow of the cheek to sculpt.

3.   Tap your bronzer into the skin first, this will prevent the powder from going patchy⁠.

4.   Take the bronzer to the mid part of the cheek, no further than the centre of the eye.⁠

5.   Once you've placed the bronzer on the skin, buff in small circular motions.

6.   To frame the face and add warmth to your complexion, sweep the bronzer into the hair line, temples, across the forehead and along the jaw line.

⁠7.   Using the excess product on the brush, lightly sweep onto the sides of the nose to define and contour.

8.   If you apply too much, go back in with your foundation brush and buff over the edges⁠ to tone down any harshness. 



    Matte Sunbounce Bronzer

    Add some warmth to your face and take your cheeks on a mini vacation with our blurring powder bronzer that feels like a cream. Our super creamy matte powder bronzer comes in a refillable magnetic compact.

    The super soft powder is infused with niacinamide and rambutan fruit extract to blur, brighten and hydrate as well as bronzing and defining the face.

    Our vegan matte bronzers come in 4 warming shades.

    Rise - A warm biscuit shade, ideal for fair skin tones.⁠

    Shine -A toasted bronze ideal for light to medium skin tones.⁠

    Beam - A cool toned tan ideal for medium to dark skin tones.

    Bask – A deep warm cocoa hue with red undertones ideal for deeper skin tones. Matte Sunbounce Bronzer


    Here's why you love our vegan bronzers...

    "This is just the cutest compact of bronzer ever. I love the mirror inside and the brush that's included. The bronzer blends in effortlessly and the colour suits my skin tone sooooo well."

    - SASHA

    "...amazing to be able to build it from a natural glam to a going out glam. Perfect bronzer and my new go to."



    It's so easy to get that sun-kissed look, whatever the season! See for yourselves darlings and let us know what you think of our matte bronzers.  🥰


    Lots of love from Spectrum Collections

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