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5 things 2020 taught us

Inside spectrum, Inspirational, Inspirational blog | December 31, 2020
5 things 2020 taught us

2020 the year that we all learned to use some new phrases almost daily 'unprecedented times', 'furlough', 'you're on mute!' 

If someone said to us this time last year, what we would all be doing and have endured by this time 2020, we would never have believed them, and yet, it is true. This year is most certainly one we will never forget, but also one that has taught us some really important lessons.

We thought it would be helpful if we share 5 of those, to help inspire anyone who is feeling utterly defeated by 2020, to motivate anyone who may be gearing up for a bigger better 2021, and also just for those who may be bored in the house once again.

1. You are stronger than you think.

You won't tell yourself this, and neither will you necessarily feel it, but just  the fact you're reading this on the last day of 2020 shows that you're still in the game. You've probably had an absolute guts-full of this year and everything it's thrown at you, but you're ready for the next and what that might mean for your personal life or your business.

You already know that there won't be a magic wand waved and 2021 will be entirely different to 2020, but all that matters for now is progress and small steps you can take towards a better 2021. Being 'strong' doesn't mean you're out there every day on the front line like all those who 2020 has highlighted as being everyday heroes, but you're doing the best you can and there's strength in that.

For us, being strong basically is another term for 'keep calm and carry on' and for everyone who has done just that, we're pretty sure the only way from here is up.

2. Being kind to yourself is hard.

Before the lockdowns ensued, how many times would you drag yourself to another meeting / party / awkward get together for the sake of just being nice? Possibly the best thing that 2020 has given us is the freedom to decline invitations without guilt, most of the time because we were in lockdown but it's also quite possible that a few of those events you couldn't go to, you really didn't want to anyway. 

Now more than ever we can be a bit more selfish, not in a negative sense, but in a way that allows you to actually have more time for yourself without the usual guilt or internal battle that comes with turning down an invite. We're all used to it now, so let's not revert back to becoming people pleasers in 2021. Try and do something that you enjoy instead of turning up to things that you'd prefer to avoid, and if that means sitting on the sofa with a cuppa and a face mask then that's your prerogative. 

3. Be more than what your social media says you are.

There's certainly been a lack of photos about 'living your best life' more a return to 'living your real life'. The lack of posting exotic or lavish locations has actually been really refreshing, and now we're more than happy to applaud each other for a great looking banana bread or a fabulous pair of earrings, rather than feeling fomo while scrolling through instagram.

Kind of relating to point number 2, rather than stretch yourself and your energy too thinly in 2021, stay focused on who you've stuck with during 2020 and who has been there for you when you needed a last minute glass of wine (bed by 10pm) or a casual dog walk, or even a quick text to see how you are, anyone else, probably isn't worth returning to. We've learned that the people who are still there when reality well and truly sinks in are the ones who are worth skipping an insta-brunch for if they're in need of a basic banana bread day.

4. It's the little things...

a great netflix show

a DIY face mask

a new tiktok dance

a tasty banana bread (anything baked will do)

a flash of red lipstick

All these kinds of things sparked joy for us in 2020, let's not forget when we're back up to full speed that at one point in our lives watching Tiger King was the most exciting thing imaginable, and we were OK with that.

5. What will be will be.

That phrase 'everything happens for a reason' feels a bit cliché doesn't it, not quite right for 2020 when so much randomness has happened we can't reason it away. So, we'll end by reminding you of the alternative, the same kind of sentiment but one that requires less logical thinking and reasoning.

Try not to let all the negativity stay front of mind, when so many things are out of anyone's control then there's little sense in trying to understand why or how we got to this point, but we're here and we're on the edge of a new year. 

If you take one thing into 2021 then let it be a reminder that none of the events of 2020 are your fault, you can't plan much further than tomorrow so instead of worrying about it all try and live in the moment a bit more because what will be will be, but we're hopeful it will be a bit better.


Lots of love as always, 


Sophie & Hannah 

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