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5 Easy Makeup Looks

How-to | June 01, 2023
5 Easy Makeup Looks

Make can transform your look and make you feel amazing. Whilst it’s true that some looks take a lot of work and practice to achieve, there are some makeup looks that are a bit easier and perfect if you’re building up your makeup skills, or just want to apply makeup quickly because you’ve got a busy day or are out and about already and can’t carry loads of kit with you. 

The Smokey Eye

We’ve featured this one before but in terms of a lot of reward for a little effort, it’s right up there. With a few simple steps the look you can achieve is amazing and can be very impactful. 

1 - Make sure the skin around your eyes is nice and clean

2 - Prep your eyelids with primer (make sure it’s suitable for application to eyelids as this is a more sensitive area of the skin)

3 - Apply natural shading all over the eye. Choose an eye makeup brush that’s designed to apply base makeup to the eyelids

4 - Next apply a darker shade to the creases and outer corner, build the intensity up. Use a makeup brush especially for eye creases

5 - Finish the look with mascara and eyeliner which will bring some drama to the look

The Natural Glow

This one is all about embracing your natural beauty and bringing the best of you to the fore. 

1 - Prepare your skin with a hydrating moisturizer and a lightweight or tinted moisturizer. 

2 - Use a little bit of concealer to brighten up any areas of discolouration, for example dark circles beneath the eyes

3 - Apply some blush to the cheeks using a blusher brush

4 - Pop some mascara around the eyes for a bit of lift 

5 - Choose a nude lip color

Bold Lips

A bold lip is a great way to make an easy statement without having to spend ages working on your look if you don’t want to. 

1 - Exfoliate the lips then apply a lip balm. This is to ensure you’ll be working with a smooth canvas

2 - Outline the lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of lipstick you want to use. Make sure you fully fill the lips with liner as this will help to maintain the longevity of your lip look

3 - Apply the lipstick direct from the tube or if you’d like a little more control use a lip brush

4 - Any excess color needs to be blotted with tissue 

5 - Keep other makeup minimal and neutral so your lips really stand out. Don’t forget to reapply if needs be to keep the look fresh

Glitter Bomb

Glitter is a great way to give yourself an otherworldly yet fun look. This is an especially good one if you’re heading out at night and want to make the most of opportunities to capture the light.

1 - Apply a natural eyeshadow to your eyelids to create a base. Again, use an eye makeup brush here

2 - Use a glitter primer or a dash of concealer and apply glitter to your eyelids. Focussing on the center of the eyelid will give you a spotlight effect

3 - Blending a matte shade into the corners and creases can give an added dimension

4 - Volumizing mascara and liquid eyeliner can finish off your eye look 

5 - Keep the rest of your color palette muted and use a soft brush to make the sparkle pop

A Pop Of Color

This one is about adding a touch of color to your eyes to make them stand out. It’s a good basic look to have in your skillset as it can be combined with other techniques to create more complex looks.

1 - Start with a neutral base color on the eyelids

2 - Pick a bold, colorful eyeshadow and apply it to the center of the lid, blending outwards as you go

3 - Take a darker shade and apply it to the outer creases (don’t forget that crease brush!)

4 - This is another look that works well with a fresher, glowing complexion 

5 - Enhance the look with highlighter on the high points of the face

Once you’ve mastered these quick and easy makeup looks you can try combining them, or developing your skills further. Remember to have fun, experiment and discover the looks and techniques that best work for you. 

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