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Michelle Keegan


Michelle's Collection

Summer Baby

Our NEW Spectrum X Michelle Keegan: The Summer Baby Set launches Wednesday 16th June ⁠8am BST.

"I created this collection with all my friends & family in mind so there really is something for everyone! Including all my staple every day brushes and (if I do say so myself!) the best lip balm ever!

Summer is my absolute favourite season so I really wanted to create something inspired by the bright colours of the Amalfi Coast and a bag perfect for all your essentials!"

- Michelle Keegan

Malachite Sponge Duo in Box

State of mind

What is summer? The feeling of possibility for carefree fun on balmy nights, the smell of warm skin, sunscreen and freshly poured cold lemonade - or limoncello! Packing for a well earned break and getting ready to stare up at a vast blue sky, rather than a screen, that’s what summer is to us and we’re here to take you on a beauty trip. Whether you’re ‘stay-cay’ or ‘vay-cay’ this year, our freshest collection in collaboration with Michelle Keegan, inspired by the adventure and easy elegance of Italy’s Amalfi coast is sure to give you that summer state of mind.

Coming Soon

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The Spectrum x Michelle Keegan collection is coming soon! Sign up with your email address to be the first to know when it drops. Pick your shade of summer, from uplifting lemon, sunset orange, azure blue, or a palette cleansing crisp white. Enjoy your beauty trip and don’t forget to send us a postcard (or tag us on instagram). We can’t wait to see where these sunshine sets take you.

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