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5 Lip Trends For 2024

5 Lip Trends For 2024

Welcome to the future of fabulous lips! As we step into 2024, the beauty industry continues to evolve, bringing innovative and exciting trends that redefine the way we beautify our lips. From bold colors to sustainable choices, this year's lip trends promise to be diverse, empowering, and downright glamorous.

Let's dive into the lip forecast for 2024 and discover the looks that will be on everyone's lips. In this guide, we'll explore the latest trends, unravel the secrets of achieving the coveted Kylie Jenner Lip trend, and delve into the origins of the iconic lip liner trends that continue to shape our pout preferences.

  1. Big Lips

So, are big lips a timeless trend? It would appear so. The allure of fuller lips has always been a major trend, and in 2024, big lips continue to make a statement. The focus is on achieving a plump, luscious pout that exudes confidence and glamour.

To achieve this look, first of all, you need to over line your lips. To do this, use your lip liner and shade the outer corners of your lips, shading ever so slightly outside the lines.lip liner brush is an excellent tool to achieve a precise line.

To make your lips appear bigger, ombre and gradient lip techniques add depth and dimension. Use a darker color along the edge and a lighter shade in the center to naturally give the illusion of bigger lips. Follow with a dab of highlighting powder on the cupid’s bow and a touch of gloss in the center of the lip.

Whether you choose a subtle transition or a more dramatic blend of colors, this trend creates a captivating and luscious pout.

  1. The Kylie Jenner Lip Trend

Kylie Jenner's lips have become famous for their fullness and perfection. This is what you need to do to get those Kylie Jenner lips:

-        Start with a lip liner to outline and slightly over line your lips at the center of the lip to create added volume.

-        Stick to your natural lip line as you reach the corners of the mouth to keep your look natural.

-        Then, choose a matte liquid lipstick in a shade that complements your skin tone and style.

-        Finally, to complete your Kylie lips add some clear lip gloss on top for added shine creating a pout that's undeniably glamorous.

  1. Eco-Friendly Lip Products

Sustainability continues as a trend into 2024, and beauty enthusiasts are embracing eco-friendly lip products with open arms.

From cruelty-free formulas to recyclable packaging, conscientious consumers are choosing products that are in line with their values. Expect to see an increase in lipsticks, glosses, and liners boasting clean, green, and cruelty-free credentials. Much like our vegan makeup products at Spectrum Collections.

  1. Glossy, Glassy Lips

The dewy, glass skin isn’t just for the face anymore. Glossy lips are making a major comeback, and this time it's all about the glassy finish.

High-shine lip glosses, lacquers, and oils are the key products that will create a plump and luscious pout catching the light in all the best ways.

  1. Deep Dark Tones

You’ll be happy to know that dark lip tones are set to be a key trend for 2024. Rich and velvety lips are perfect for those daring to be bold. Deep burgundy and dark berry can be suited to any skin tone.

They add a touch of chic and mystery to your look and are a perfect choice for a winter night out. If you choose to be bold with your lip color, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. A coat of mascara is all that’s needed to complement this trend. 

Top Tips for Luscious Lips

Now that you know the biggest lip trends of 2024, here are some easy tips to help you achieve each look.

  •   Prep your lips: Make sure that you exfoliate your lips and keep them hydrated. This ensures a smooth application of your lipstick.
  •   Use a lip brush: To achieve a precise and even application, using a lip brush is key.
  •   Blotting is best: Blot your lips with a tissue after applying your lipstick then reapply. This helps the color to last longer into the night.

Who Started the Lip Liner Trend?

The lip liner trend has been a beauty staple for decades dating back to Clara Bow in the 1920s, but its increase in popularity more recently can be attributed to makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur, Kevyn Aucoin.

Working with celebrities in the '80s and '90s, he emphasized the importance of lip liner in defining and enhancing the lips, therefore making it a key product in every makeup lover’s kit.

Who Started the Dark Lip Liner Trend?

The '90s were a decade of iconic trends, and the dark lip liner trend was no exception. While the trend itself can be traced back to various sources, it gained popularity when seen on celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Pamela Anderson.

This bold style of a dark lip liner against a lighter lip shade created a multidimensional look which sparked a sensation. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Lizzo are embracing the contrasting allure of deep lip liners paired with lighter lip colors, setting the trend for 2024.

Final Thoughts

As we explore the lip trends of 2024, we know that big, bold lips are in, and the Kylie Jenner lip trend remains a popular look. Whether you're trying glossy, glass lips, or channeling the '90s with dark lip liners, the key is to have fun and experiment.

Pucker up and dive into the world of lip trends that promise to leave a lasting impression throughout 2024.