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How Celebrities Do Their Makeup

How Celebrities Do Their Makeup

Their Instagram shots are always flawless. Their makeup never misses a beat when they hit the red carpet. And they even look amazing on those “candid” shots you see everywhere online. So how do celebrities do their makeup? And what are the tips and tricks us mere mortals can use in our everyday routines?

Let’s have a look at some pro makeup artist tips for celebrity makeup styling.

How do Celebrities do Their Makeup?

Think celebs spend hours in front of the mirror at home doing their makeup themselves? Think again. No self-respecting celebrity will do their own makeup. That’s what makeup artists are for. And it’s only the best MUAs for the world’s top celebrities.

So, what do the pro MUAs know that we don’t? Here are a few tips that every celeb makeup artist worth their salt uses regularly.

It’s All in the Prep (and Priming)

It’s so important to prep your skin before you do anything with your makeup. Celeb MUAs will always tell their famous clients about this!

Spending more time moisturizing your skin first or doing a hydrating face mask can make your skin look fresher, enhancing the result. A primer will also help smooth your skin and fill in any scars and blemishes. With a good primer, your makeup will also last longer.

Use Eyeshadow Primer Around your Lips

With a darker lip or textured lips, use a little eyeshadow primer with skincare properties. It’s the perfect way to prime and prep the lip area.

Make your Foundation look like your Second Skin

Moisturizing before you apply foundation is always good form. But are you letting it dry first? This could be your big mistake, and it’s one the celebs aren’t making.

If your skin is a little damp from your moisturizer, it will help make your foundation look like your second skin. It helps with the blending process, and if you don’t do it your foundation simply sits on top of your skin.

Apply Blush Under your Foundation (or Go For a Blush Sandwich)

Blush under your foundation makes it look like the blush is coming from underneath, which appears more natural.

A “blush” sandwich is also a good option. This involves applying blush after your foundation, then using the same brush or sponge that you used for your foundation. Just lightly go over the blush again for a super natural look that all the celeb MUAs are using.

Don’t Forget Face Oil to Highlight

By blending highlighters, you’ll be well on your way to getting a celebrity makeup look. But to take it all the way, it’s all about using face oil on the high planes of your face to get that extra glow.

It’s the perfect finishing touch.

Use a Wet Makeup Sponge for Foundation

Ask any celeb MUA and they’ll tell you; a damp makeup sponge works every time. It will make your foundation look more natural and not heavy.

Wet your sponge, squeeze out any extra water and use a gentle dabbing motion to apply your foundation. Flawless foundation, yes please!

Brush your Brows Down

Yes, it sounds a little counterintuitive but stay with us here. If it was a normal technique everyone would be doing it and not just those makeup artists entrusted with celeb faces.

Begin by brushing your brows down in the wrong direction. This will help you create the base structure. Sketch out the basic structure using super-light, fine hair-like strokes – start at the high point. Brush them back and finish the shape. Once you get your brow foundations right, you can build the rest of your brow around it.

Ice Cubes are for Much More than Drinks

Think celebs just use ice cubes in their drinks?

An ice cube on your face will depuff instantly. It also feels great and can help with your circulation.

Wake Up your Skin with a Massage

Massaging your skin and tapping it helps to wake up the complexion. Glide your hands up over your cheekbones and tap your chin, nose and forehead.

Puffiness will be gone, and your face will be ready for a flawless application. It’s fun too!

And Think About your Makeup if you’re Going to be Photographed

Use blush that’s brighter and bolder if you’re going to be photographed – even if it’s just for the gram.

This is because the flash can cancel it out and make you look washed out if you’ve not gone bright and bold.

Now with a little insight from the pros, you’ll get that celebrity makeup style every time you want. 


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