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TikTok Makeup Trends

TikTok Makeup Trends

Nothing moves faster than makeup trends on TikTok. We don’t want you to miss them so here are the top TikTok makeup trends happening right now!

Latte Makeup

This trend has been around for a while and indeed we’ve talked about it here before. The popularity of this look is staying strong with plenty of women embracing the warm colour palette. This is a look that really works for those with a darker skin complexion but even if you’re at the lighter end of the scale, don’t be put off, the latte look is pretty straightforward and a great way to give yourself a healthy glow. 

Cold Girl

If the all year summer bronze feel of Latte Makeup isn’t for you, or you just aren’t feeling it as we head into Autumn and Winter, then the Cold Girl look might be for you, especially if you have a paler complexion. The cold girl look riffs on looking, well cold. Add blush to the cheekbones, nose and other parts of the face that might normally catch the sun, make your eyelids nice and shiny and use a bit of concealer (don’t forget a concealer brush). The look you want is just back from the piste. Especially perfect if you want to enjoy a bit of apres ski, without the ski.   

Glass Skin

A step away from the matte look, this is all about having super hydrated and mega smooth skin and if you do this right your skin will actually shine and look wet. To get this look, you need to consider products that make the skin glow and look and hydrated, such as foundations (don’t forget a great foundation brush) and skin tints.  

Reverse Makeup

This trend turns conventional makeup on its head and, in so doing, creates some amazing looks. Instead of applying foundation then applying concealer then contouring over the top you, as the name suggests, reverse the process. Add concealer directly onto your face and contour (discover contour brushes here), then add foundation once you’ve blended to create a really nice soft blended look.   

The Demi Method

This also sometimes gets called micro-concealing. Now this one is pretty cutting edge and also requires a bit of practice to get right. This method uses a bit of colour theory (which we’ve written about here). Step one is to identify areas of discolouration (think under the eye, blemishes and blotches) then add small patches of concealer with a small (think eye detail brush) and blend these in. Then take lighter areas of the face (e.g. the cheekbones) and darken them a little bit. 

The Barbie Look

Possibly tiring a tad as we head into winter, but the Barbie film is still getting plenty of love and there are lots of people going for a Barbie inspired makeup look. Pinks are big in the world of Barbicore so if you want to give this look a go, don’t shy away from big bold roses and reds. Blend with nude and pink undertones to complete the look

The Takeaway

Keeping on top of TikTok makeup trends could be a full time job! Don’t get lost down a rabbit hole but don’t forget it’s a great place for inspiration and ideas! Dip in and have an explore and we promise you’ll never run out of great ideas again!