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The Makeup Of The Future

The Makeup Of The Future

Have you ever wondered what our makeup might look like in the future? We certainly have!

Will we have outrageous eye looks or will we go completely au natural? 

We partnered with futurist Tom Cheesewright to predict how our makeup will look in 2050.

Using his findings to create AI images, Tom’s research provided two different scenarios, with both looks being influenced by incredibly topical cultural and environmental events.

Tom took a step back from the makeup itself and instead looked at a variety of possible scenarios that might influence our future choices in style, function and sustainability.

So what will the makeup of the future look like?

First, let’s look at the scenarios……

Scenario 1 - NaturalPlus

Digital technology has become an essential part of our lives, especially during COVID-19, where many of us used some form of device to keep in contact with each other, work and keep updated on news. However, as Tom Cheesewright explains: “There’s a natural reaction to this: the more time we spend behind a screen, the more we crave the physical world.”

As a result of this, a lot more focus will be on skincare and embracing our natural beauty and emphasising our uniqueness, as we begin to leave behind the augmented reality that will have become increasingly popular.

SPF will also become increasingly popular because of the recent heat waves we’ve been experiencing. 

Mr Cheesewright said: “In the UK, we might see an average summer temperature of 27 degrees, which sounds great until you look at the peak temperatures and the effect on health, infrastructure and water supplies. With peak temperatures at 45 or even 50 degrees, we’re going to have to make a lot of changes to adapt, including to our makeup”

“People’s attention will certainly be sharpened on the environmental credentials of their preferred manufacturers. And formulations might need to change to cope with the extreme heat. On top of that, we might be looking for additional capabilities from our makeup.”

This will lead people to become more specific about what beauty products they’ll be using and in fact they may start to use and buy less if they’re not environmentally friendly.

However, people will still want to have that healthy glow without damaging their skin to get this. Fake tan and bronzer will be used across the cheeks, edges of the forehead and sides of the nose to create the illusion of a bronzed look. 

Scenario 2: SuperHuman

Mr Cheesewright said: “The last fifty years have been characterised by rapid advances in digital technology that have changed the way the world works. However, the next waves of technology might change the way the world looks.

This new science might embolden us stylistically, much as advances did in nuclear science and aeronautics during the Atomic Age/Space Age of the 50s and 60s. Then, bright colours, big wings, and fantastic forms were all the rage in fashion, architecture and automotive - and we had the makeup to match.

On top of this we will also see cultural inspirations. In the UK, the new cultural superpowers might be India, Nigeria and Brazil. These could be the places we look to for new technologies, music, food and fashion. And makeup.”

So how will these transform into makeup looks?

We used AI to imagine how these images would look….

Look one: The Natural Look

The future of makeup

The future of makeup

  • Using less foundation in favour for more natural looking products, like skin tints 
  • SPF will be used a lot more in products, as we begin to experience higher temperatures in the UK
  • Defined eyebrows and false eyelashes will be replaced with thicker and bushier eyebrows and lash serums
  • Fake tan and bronzers will still be used to recreate that glowful look

Look two: The SuperHuman look 

The future of makeup

The future of makeup

  • Skin tints will be popular as people will still want to focus on improving their skin
  • Bold colours for the eyes will be influenced by India 
  • Thick eyeliner designs will start to make a comeback as we begin to embrace the Atomic Age style 
  • Popular facial features will be the go-to as a way of re-creating ourselves 
  • Bold coloured lips like reds and pinks 


Tom explained: “The world is changing all the time, from environmental changes to digital transformations, so why should our makeup looks and makeup brushes stay the same.

“It’s clear that looking after our skin will be the primary focus to ensure it can withstand the climate changes that we are about to face. However, creativity will start to come through with the introduction of new, bold colours.”

*Expert predictions and insights from Tom Cheesewright
*Makeup looks created by MUA at Spectrum, Hannah Barnett
*Images created by Midjourney