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That time we officially made Fetch happen

That time we officially made Fetch happen

On Wednesday the 26th of July we wore, ate and drank pink for our Spectrum x Mean Girls launch party…we can’t help it was SO popular!

The range has now officially launched (yay!) but we revealed an exclusive preview of the range to press and blogger baes at Icetank Studios - completely transforming the space into a pink high school haven.



The full Mean Girls range was looking so fetch on display in our pink lockers and includes a Large Burn Book (£49.99), a Mini Burn Book with 10 Piece Brush Set (£79.99), 10 Piece Fetch Brush Set (49.99) as well as large (£24.99) and small (14.99) acrylic storage...if you've read our previous posts you'll know that our cold, shiny hard plastic hearts broke when the acrylic storage was destroyed in our warehouse fire...but they'll be back in a few weeks!




Janice, Damien, Kevin G, Coach Carr, Principal Duvall and even Regina’s Cool Mom dropped along to party and pose with us all and there was a GIANT Burn Book (obvs) to add your picture and sign with your meanest secrets! Amber D’Alessio definitely made out with a hotdog FYI…it was in the book! You could even sit with us and have your manis tended to by the Nails Inc babes…grool!


Nails Inc Manis


Being as it was a Wednesday, everything and we mean everything was pink! Unicorn Gin served up pink punch laced with unicorn magic, House of Coco Tang mixed up the most amazing cocktails topped off with a teeny tiny Burn Book…the cutest thing ever, and Hotel Chocolat kept us topped up with pink fizz a plenty.

House of Coco Tang doing their thang!

Unicorn Tears Gin - liquid magic! 


Rather than cheese fries and Kalteen bars we nibbled on delish mini cupcakes from Lola’s, pink popcorn, pink donuts, mini chocolate fudge cones topped with strawberry milkshake frosting *my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..* and our fave Candy Kittens kept us sweet all night serving up every flavour kitten you could possibly want to eat…we’re all about the vegan pineapple - oh em gee!



Keeping the paps busy…because they’re like really pretty was Lucy Mecklenburgh, Lucy Watson, Nicola Hughes, Ashley James, Olivia Bentley, Tina Stinnes and Love Island lovelies Jess and Dom, Kady McDermott and Malin Anderson…to name a few!

Zoe London was giving us all kinds of 90s vibes on the decks too…can we just do it all again please?

Lucy Mecklenburgh
Dom and Jess 
Kady McDermott
Nicola Hughes
L-R: Olivia Bentley, Tina Stinnes and Lucy Watson
Zoe London


The only thing possibly better than the party itself were the amazing goody bags…like seriously look at the swag in the bag…!


A huge thank you to all the amazing brands that contributed, Glen Coco who?














So it’s official, we definitely made fetch happen and now we’re off to watch Mean Girls on repeat…where’s Cool Mom with our cocktails?!

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