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Not your Typical Toy Dolls

Not your Typical Toy Dolls

So...if like us you've been watching BNTM for years on the telly, you'll understand how excited we are to be a part of season 12, which is currently on air!


We were kindly asked by BNTM if we'd like to be a part of the series, and of course we said we'd love to, because it was always a dream of mine (Sophie) to end up on there as an industry photographer, not as a model, so to get to create our own shoot for Spectrum was one step better!

We got to work with Joseph Sinclair as our photographer, and the theme of our shoot was 'Toy Dolls', which the girls in the series were all really excited about, well, who wouldn't be. The hair and makeup team headed by Lee Pycroft (how random we share the same surname?!) created some amazing looks all with Spectrum brushes of course, and the outfits were pretty wild too, what's not to love. It looks from the snippet like we were really mean, but actually we thought most of the girls did an amazing job.

Our favourite bit was getting to be behind the scenes, chatting to the girls about the brief, and watching them be transformed into dolls with our product, that was so much fun.

Then when the girls came out onto the set they each had one of 3 themes representing our product ranges, 'Mermbabe 'Millennial Pink' or 'Marbleous'.

The real challenge was that we wanted the girls to look really strong and cool, and put their own personality into the box like set they had to work with. We didn't want them to fall into typical stiff doll poses, we definitely wanted some sass and Spectrum girl power attitude in there.

Overall we think the girls and Joseph did an amazing job, we haven't even seen the episode yet only this trailer, so hopefully a lot of our own positive comments come out in the episode and we don't look like we've been too harsh on the girls. We've worked with a few of them since for our tutorials, so you may have seen them pop up on our instagram, we're all about supporting new talent in the industry, and of course girls supporting girls.

After working in the fashion and photography industry (before Spectrum was born) we know the pressures of being on set and bringing a client's brief to life, so it was really different for us to actually be the client rather than being the team creating the imagery.

It was our brief and our brand that was brought to life for us, even though the theme was Toy Dolls we definitely thought there was a lot of energy and diversity that the girls and the team brought to the shoot for us.


Make sure to watch tonight at 9pm to see the whole shoot! for a few more BTS check out the BNTM website.


Love Sophie & Hannah xxx