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Graduation Makeup Looks for 2023

Graduation Makeup Looks for 2023

Graduation is coming up, and you’re super excited. You’ve got your cap and gown ready, and you’ve practiced your walk for when the time comes to hit the stage. But what do you do about your makeup?

You want to look amazing, that goes without saying. But you don’t want to be too out there. Remember all eyes will be on you for your moment on stage and those graduation pictures will likely be up in your parent’s house for years to come. Whenever you see them, you’ll want to look back and smile, not cringe at your makeup.

So to help you out, here are some of our favorite graduation looks for 2023.

  1.     Natural Makeup with Red Lipstick

Does it get any more classic than this? Just your cap and gown, and you looking super natural. Plus, a dash of striking red lipstick. It’s a timeless look and one you’ll look back on with pride every time you see your graduation pictures.

  1.   Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes are always a great look. But while you might have gone all out with your smokey eyes for prom, it pays to pair it back a little for graduation.

It’s also a graduation makeup look that suits everyone, especially those with hooded eyes. Just a word of warning with smokey eyes: avoid applying shades that are too dark as it can make your lids look too heavy. Focus on applying dark eyeshadow to the corner of your eyes and blend it with lighter shades. To get the perfect smokey eye for graduation, you’ll need to invest in the right tools too. A smudger brush should be your go-to.

  1.   Tan Skin and Shimmery Lids

This is an essential summer makeup look and works well for graduation. You’ll look sun-kissed and it won’t seem like you’re wearing a heavy layer of makeup. This is how you do it:

-         A few days before graduation, start using a tinted moisturizer.

-         On the day of the ceremony, a lightweight foundation is ideal. Apply it with a makeup sponge to get a light, dewy coverage.

-         Add a bit of tan to your skin with your bronzer, sweeping it over your cheekbones, forehead and jawline.

-         Use some shimmery eye shadow on your lids. Simply dab on with your index finger, then use a fluffy brush to blend it in.

-         Don’t forget some mascara to define your lashes.

  1.   Pink Eyes and Lips

If your gown and cap is black, you need to bring some color into the mix. And we just love a dash of pink to set off your makeup for graduation. We’re thinking pink monochromatic makeup. All you need is a shimmery pink eyeshadow, rosy blush and pink lip gloss and you’re all set.

  1.   Natural Graduation Makeup

What better way to showcase yourself and your achievements at graduation, than with your natural look just a little amped up? Here’s how you can get a natural makeup look for graduation:

-         Begin with your foundation. Make sure it has sheer coverage. Or you can use a tinted moisturizer as your base.

-         Mix a little liquid highlighter in too for some extra glow.

-         Subtly contour your cheekbones and round your eyes.

-         Add some brow gel and mascara.

-         Finish your graduation makeup look with a velvet lipstick in a shade close to your natural lip color.

Remember, it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty and creating some memorable graduation pictures.

Other Graduation Makeup Looks We Love

We also can’t get enough of the following graduation makeup looks:

-         Rose gold eyeshadow and glossy lips

-         Coral lips

-         Glitter eye makeup

-         Bold brows and matte skin

Top Tips for Keeping your Graduation Makeup In Place

Graduation is an emotional day. You may shed a tear with your parents when you look back at your achievements. You’ll be celebrating with your friends and there’ll be the party of all parties at night. You want your makeup to look as good at the end of the night as it does at the start of the day. You know the pictures will continue all day and night!

Here’s what you need to do:

Prep your skin: Cleanse and exfoliate to get an even texture. You’ll also rid your skin of any dry patches. A good moisturizer is essential, as is a good primer - it will help your makeup stay in place for hours.

Think ‘less is more’ with foundation: Don’t go overboard with foundation. In fact, you can even skip this step altogether with a good primer and concealer.

Fix with powder: To set your smooth complexion in place, dust over with a fine loose powder. It will help to mattify and hold your makeup and can also enhance and highlight the natural radiance of your skin.

Finish off with a setting spray: Mist your face with a setting spray to make sure everything is kept in place.

Opt for waterproof mascara: Just think of the tears you’re going to be shedding!

Keep your purse topped up with essentials: You’ll want to make sure everything is perfect for those pictures…

Whatever graduation makeup look you choose, you’ll look stunning on this most memorable of days.