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Spectrum Talks: Favourite Makeup Products

Spectrum Talks: Favourite Makeup Products

Here at Spectrum HQ, we’ve adjusted to the warm weather and found our go-to products to fit. That’s why this week on Spectrum Talks over on our Twitter, we discussed your favourite makeup products and your every day go-tos.

From your specific beauty essentials to the unmissable steps in your routines, we wanted to know it all. Here’s what we asked, and what you shared.

Favourite Foundation at the Moment?

Finding the best base makeup for you and your skin can be a difficult challenge, particularly when beauty brands tend to change out their products too often, and a lot of you found this to be the case.

That being said, there were some strong recommendations in your replies, and with a nice range of coverage and price. We agree with Britney here, that the L’Oréal Infallible foundation builds very nicely on the skin, giving great coverage and wearability for its price…

…but we also agree that brands like NARS and Fenty are worth every penny, and can make for some of the best daily foundation!

Cream or Powder Blusher?

Cream vs powder blush is a question as old as makeup itself, but you seemed to have a more unanimous decision than we expected. Maybe it’s how creams stay more firmly on the skin (which can be beneficial in the summer when our faces get a little sweaty), or maybe it’s the fact that creams tend to be easier to build, but cream blush was the runaway winner on this one.

Now, that’s not to say powder didn’t have its moment! Powder is a classic that a lot of us are used to. There’s a real loyalty here, isn’t there?

What’s One Makeup Step You Never Skip?

When it came to your essential beauty steps, we loved how many of you were prioritising skin prep! It’s so important to moisturise and prime to get the best base makeup look possible; it sits so much better on your skin if you’ve prepped properly, and you’ll find that your makeup will last significantly longer.

Another popular answer to this question was, of course, eyebrows. They frame the face and the eyes, so we completely understand why so many of you classed this as your never-miss!

Favourite Bronzer Right Now?

It was fun to see the cream vs powder debate carry over from blush into bronzer, and some of you even gave us your favourite of each!

@beauty_with_beks even recommended a putty bronzer. We love the variety of products that are out there! There’s a guaranteed perfect product for everyone and you certainly seem to have found yours.

What’s the Best Concealer You’ve Ever Used?

We decided to open the spectrum up a bit with this one, asking for your favourite concealer ever, rather than the one you’re using right now. Again, lots of you gave the same answer to this one! Maybe there really is one concealer to rule them all, and according to the discussions in this week’s Spectrum Talks, it’s Revolution’s conceal and define concealer.

Even those of you that had a different favourite were able to respect this concealer with its glowing reviews.

Find Your Essential Makeup Products

Hopefully our Spectrum Talks session has given you plenty to think about when it comes to finding the extra products you need to pad out your collection of makeup must-haves. Maybe you’ll even find the perfect product like so many others, in our range of Best Sellers! Join us next week at 12pm BST on Twitter for our next Spectrum Talks session.