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Spectrum Talks: Beauty Shopping

Spectrum Talks: Beauty Shopping

Let’s talk about beauty shopping! How often do we buy new makeup and brushes, which products do we replace most often, and have our shopping preferences changed at all since Covid-19 arrived?

We asked all these questions and more in one of our recent Spectrum Talks. As you’d expect, our Spectrum sisters came through with the answers! So, what did we find out about our beauty shopping behaviours? Let’s dive right in.

How Often Do We Purchase Makeup?

So, there are clearly two types of people. The first is practical, not super impulsive, and really good at waiting to hit pan before buying new products.

 And the second… well okay this is more like us if we’re being honest!

We found the majority of you purchase either every few months or when you need a new product. We love splurging and trying new products, but having a more mindful approach like this is great for cutting down on waste – and saving your paycheck!

How Often Do We Buy New Makeup Brushes?

You know we’re mad about makeup brushes at Spectrum, so we had to ask! After all, there are loads of factors to consider – what condition your brushes in, if you need new tools for new styles you’re trying, and also whether you’ve just seen something super cute you can’t resist.

The answers were split down the middle. First, the ones who treasure their brushes and rarely change them:

And then the ones who can’t say no when a new set drops!

I mean there’s nothing better than a gorgeous new brush set… Is there?

Have Beauty Shopping Behaviours Changed Since Lockdown?

Beauty shopping online was essential  for a long time because of Covid-19, and lots of beauty brands stepped up their game – adding great new features like virtual consultations, product-finder quizzes, and AR that makes it possible to ‘try on’ makeup with your device.

Has online beauty shopping really won us over though, or is the in-store experience still number one? Well, some of our Spectrum sisters always saw the benefits to online shopping.

This is so true. Whether it’s about finding your perfect shade or just having more styles to choose from, online stores almost always give you more choice. There are added bonuses too – like being able to look up reviews.

On the other hand, the endless choice and can come with its own problems. Some people said going online due to Covid did change their shopping habits, and not all for the better.

 We love a delivery but finding that balance is key!

Which Makeup Items Do We Repurchase Most?

Everyone’s a little different and that was pretty clear from the answers we saw.

a graph

As you can see, everyone fell into four main product categories – foundation, lashes, brows and lips. The top product our Spectrum sisters buy most often is mascara! And we’re not surprised – it’s a staple for us, whether we’re opting for a minimalist look or amping up the glam.

Makeup Faves: Which Products Do We Always Keep the Same?

Experimenting with new products is fun but we all have a few essentials that we wouldn’t dream of switching.

As we predicted, foundation was the product most people said they wouldn’t switch!

 Whatever your skin tone, the chances are you’ve dealt with poor shade matches before – it’s so hard to get right. So when you find that perfect match, you don’t want to let it go.

 Shop Your Way

That’s the end of our insight into beauty shopping! And we’ve learnt so much.

While some of us share preferences and products, we all have our own unique approach to buying beauty. And though we have our favourites, discovering new ones isn’t something we’ll stop doing any time soon!

Think it’s time for a brush or makeup treat? Take your pick from our freshest brush sets and Glowful cosmetics.

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