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Spectrum Talks: Conscious Beauty

Spectrum Talks: Conscious Beauty

It’s World Earth Day 2021 and we’re talking about conscious beauty!

Do sustainability and eco friendly packaging matter to you? And how about products that are natural, organic, vegan or all three? The Earth Day 2021 theme  is “Restore Our Earth” and it’s all about green innovations and new ways of working. While big change is needed, the small changes (like swapping out packaging for plastic-free options) all add up too.

We’re big on being eco here at Spectrum and always excited about new ways we can improve. Our full range is vegan and cruelty free, and we recently swapped out our packaging to make it plastic free too! 

We wanted to find out more about eco beauty and what matters to you, so that’s just what we did. Keep reading to find out what we learned in our recent Spectrum Talk.

Does Packaging Affect Which Products You Buy?

How important is packaging? For some, it’s all about the unboxing experience.

 Yes babe! You’re speaking our language.

But for others, looks aren’t as important as eco friendly packaging.

Maybe it’s more about balance. After all, you can be cute and eco – which is exactly what we were going for with our on-brand pink cardboard boxes.

 Which Is Better: Recyclable, Refillable or Single Use?

There’s a ton of variety when it comes to how beauty brands package their products. Some opt for recyclable materials, others stick to single use, and then there’s the brands that have started offering refillable products.

Which is best? Well for some of our Spectrum sisters, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not plastic.

 Reusable and refillable packaging were the ideal for the majority of people, and some have even thought of creative ways to re-use it.

We adore the idea that our packaging could get a second life!

Organic, natural, vegan, cruelty free: which ingredients and labels matter?

There’s loads to consider when you’re shopping for beauty products. First, are they going to look flawless? But also, are they kind to nature and the planet? Are they fragrance free and gentle on skin?

For some, that iconic bunny logo is the top thing you look for.

We’re so with you! All our makeup and brushes are cruelty free – and always will be.

 Fragrance was a big one too – as well as natural ingredients.

Finding products that work for your skin is an absolute essential – and for many of you that goes hand in hand with making sure the brand shares your values!

Vegan Beauty: Yes or No?

How important is it that beauty products are vegan? If you follow a vegan diet, you might definitely be more inclined to go for vegan beauty. And for others, it’s just a preference.

For others, being vegan goes hand in hand with being cruelty free.

Watch out for this one babes. Being vegan means a product won’t contain any animal-derived ingredients but this doesn’t mean it hasn’t been tested on animals. To be completely sure the beauty products you’re buying are cruelty free, looking out for the PETA bunny logo – you can also search their list of cruelty free companies.

What Can We Do to Be More Sustainable?

Earth Day is all about change and being better, every day. So what can we do to be more conscious and sustainable with our beauty? You had some amazing suggestions.

Just making a few tiny changes can make a world of difference. Want some more inspo? Here are some more top eco beauty tips:

  • Replace disposable razors with a reusable option, like a stainless steel safety razor.
  • Opt for hero multipurpose products to reduce your orders and packaging – think tinted and SPF moisturisers, dual lip and cheek stains, and multi-tasking beauty balms you can use almost anywhere.
  • Turn off the tap when you’re not using it – during a face wash for instance – to cut down your water usage.
  • Shop from brands that share your ethics.

Let's Go Green!

It’s pretty clear that being kinder to the planet is high on all our to-do lists. And whether that means plastic free packaging or shopping cruelty free, we’re here for you! Find more advice on our blog, then for a feel-good treat why not shop our ethical makeup and brushes.

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