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Our response to COVID-19

Hi everyone,

We wanted to take a moment to write a message to you all, while we’re all at home navigating our way through what is our current situation, to keep you updated on everything we think you deserve as our valued community to know.

Think of this as a note of positivity from us, please read on. We hope it will give you a little lift as well as some insight into how our business has developed in line with all the changes we’re experiencing together.

Our Team

We currently have a number of staff on furlough as this is the most effective way we can protect jobs during this time. Our team are completely supportive and are going to take the time to do online courses, read and research to return to their roles even more passionate than ever.

We’ve successfully managed to secure everyone’s job which was our biggest concern at this time, and further to this, we are also choosing to top up everyone’s wage with the additional 20%, so the whole team can take time to focus on their own personal development. We’ve managed to do this by taking a wage cut ourselves for the next couple of months, but ultimately we know we will be a stronger team when we’re through the other side.

Our Warehouse

Our wonderful warehouse team are continuing to work, however in line with government guidelines there are additional safety measures in place to best protect their health and well-being. We are very lucky that we are able to continue to fulfil your orders, and we thank you for continuing to place them. Please be patient with our warehouse team as they are only able to work in a reduced capacity, so for now next day delivery is not an option, but our other services are only experiencing mild delays, which is good news for us all. We are seeing an increased cost for international deliveries, but we are happy to say we not passing these onto our customers.

Our Service

 As a team if has been difficult to adjust to WFH, but we continue to do so and our aim is to provide you with an even better than usual service. We’re extremely dedicated to maintaining the quality of service and product that our customers have come to expect, and especially at this time we understand the important of consumer confidence, we hope to continue to inspire your confidence in us. Our customer service and social teams are only a message away if you need anything at all, even just a quick chat.

Our Heroes

Where would any of us be without those key workers, who we cannot thank enough. While we know makeup and makeup brushes are not essentials, it is important for us all to have a ‘pick me up’ every now and then. We want to continue to treat our heroes with your help, if you would like to nominate a hero who deserves a treat, please send us an e-mail with as much information about them as possible, to contact@spectrumcollections.com


A lot of you have reached out to ask how we are, which is so lovely and very much appreciated. We are very lucky to have a pretty consistent positive outlook on life, our happiness, health and family have always been our main priority and these are all intact so for that we are always grateful. Our business has had a few hurdles to overcome, this is not the first, if you haven’t read about our warehouse fire then click the link here. Resilience is in our system and we always firmly believe there are positives to take from every scenario. Hopefully our blog can be a source of inspiration if you are feeling low or uninspired, we’ve been there too so you are not alone.  Thank you for continuing to choose us as your go-to beauty brand, we couldn’t be more happy that you have.

 Finally….thank YOU!

We have already said but just to reiterate, thank you again for choosing us. We didn’t start this business to sell product, we started Spectrum because we believed that we could create something really wonderful for a huge group of consumers, beauty and fashion lovers like ourselves who wanted beauty tools and products that are extra special, a real treat as opposed to purely essential. We hope our products continue to spark joy and inspiration in your every-day makeup routine and we are still here working to bring you the best offering we possibly can. Without your continued support we wouldn’t be able to do that.

Enough from us, we have to get back to work, please stay safe, stay inside and stay positive,

Love Sophie & Hannah