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How To Blend Makeup

How To Blend Makeup

No one wants to leave the house with streaky makeup. And no one wants to spend hours staring into the mirror questioning why their makeup won’t blend.

But now you won’t have to, with our quick guide to blending makeup. Here we’ll look at how to blend different types of makeup and specifically how to blend contour makeup for a flawless finish every time.

How Do You Blend Makeup

First, let’s look at a few types of makeup with our essential tips for blending.

How to Blend Eyeshadow

If you’re applying different eyeshadow colors, make sure you use a clean makeup brush for every color. When its time to blend, use a fluffy blending brush – a densely bristled brush may be too harsh if you’re trying to blend colors together. When blending, work in small circles outwards.

How to Blend Foundation

Before blending foundation, start off with a makeup primer. Once you’ve primed, lightly dab foundation onto the desired areas of your face. Use a Buffing Foundation Makeup Brush to blend outwards in small circular motions. By dabbing your foundation on and blending outwards, it helps to create an airbrushed effect.

How to Blend Bronzer

To blend bronzer, you need a more sparsely bristled brush like our Sculpt Number 15 Brush. It’s perfect for getting into the delicate areas of your face and achieving a flawless blend. Again, you want to dab the product onto your skin and blend in circular motions outwards. The key with bronzer is to think less is more, to make sure you get that light and airy finish.

How to Blend Blush

When applying blush, you need to get it into the right area of your face – smiling into the mirror is the perfect way to do it. This pushes your cheeks out. You can then blend from the middle of your cheeks up towards your cheekbones.

How to Blend Highlighter

When it comes to blending highlighter, you’ll need a loosely packed highlighter brush, just like with your bronzer. With highlighter, you’ll want to blend this along your cheekbone and up towards your temple. It’s all about that light and airy finish, so use the product sparingly.

Essential Blending Tools

For blending, you can use a variety of tools. We’ve already touched on the types of makeup brushes you can use. Makeup sponges are also an option, and if you’re really pushed for time and in a pinch when you’re out of the house your fingers will do.

Here’s how you do it:

Blending Makeup with Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes function like little brooms that sweep the product on or off the skin. You therefore want to be deliberate with where you place your makeup – dab it on in the areas you want it to be seen, rather than wiping it on. Then brush it out in light circular motions. The brush you choose depends on the makeup you’re applying.

For complexion makeup, consider putting the product on the back of your hand first, then onto the skin from the brush. This warms it up, so it blends smoother on your face.

Blending Makeup with Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges can be used to blend primers, concealers, foundations, creams, and powders.

When using a makeup sponge to blend, make sure it’s damp before you start blending. A damp makeup sponge softens the application process onto your skin, meaning it will blend easier. You should bounce your makeup sponge softly on your skin rather than drag it across – this will create a smoother blend without streaks.

How to Blend Contour Makeup?

So, how do you blend your contour makeup? It’s quite simple and an essential step for flawless contouring.

Once you’ve created your contour base, decide on your contour product. You can choose either cream or powder – cream will give you more of a dewy finish and powder will give you more of a matte finish. Creams are easier to blend if you’re a contouring newbie.

Next choose your brush wisely. Our Sculpt Number 15 Brush is perfect. You’ll be blending product into your hairline, around your cheekbones and under your jaw – this brush is essential to create a feathering effect in these areas.

Having applied your contour makeup to the areas of your face you want to contour, blend it out in small circular motions. If you’re finishing with highlighter, you’ll want to blend this into the rest of your makeup. You can use a sponge here with a pressing motion to blend – don’t use a sweeping or wiping motion with your sponge as this can undo all your hard work!

With the right makeup brushes and sponges in your arsenal, and the best products, you’ll be blending brilliantly in no time.

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