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Spectrum Sisters 2019, Chapter 2

Spectrum Sisters 2019, Chapter 2

Hi beauties,

we've had an amazing month with lots of travelling, sampling and planning the launches for some wonderful new products - that's our favourite part of running the business - creating and launching newness!

You'll have seen if you follow our insta that we're launching Mickey Mouse at the end of Feb, which we're all very excited for...who else *needs* that bum bag...

We worked with Chloe Lloyd who always does an amazing job when she's modelling - I mean if she's wearing it I want it to be honest. We also did some shots with her hubby Josh just as we both feel that the range has a uni-sex edge to it, and hopefully that comes across in the pics, here's a couple from the campaign that we shot around London.

super chicy

unisex vibes

the cutest pouch bag that also comes with 10 brushes, and that handle...

The Mickey range is a little different for us in terms of colours, but we wanted to try something more simple and chic. Chic is a word we've been using a lot right now as we're working really hard to ensure every single launch we have this year is as fashionable and cool as it can be, well actually we use the word 'chicy' when we're talking amongst ourselves during the design process, because we still want it to be that little bit quirky and never too plain, so 'chicy' seems like the best way for us to describe that vibe!

Here's some product shots so can see everything a little clearer.


While the Mickey Mouse launch is basically all ready to go, you may have seen on our stories that we've been to Italy this month, that's because we've been working on our first cosmetics range which is going to launch at the end of June *squeals with excitement*!!

It's our first makeup launch - we already have more planned - but you'll be excited to hear that the name of the first range is 'Oceana' which will give you a bit of a hint as to the colours, but we still think the products will surprise you. We're launching a 9 pan eyeshadow palette, which is designed to be really wearable but there are some more dramatic shades in there so don't worry it would never be boring! We're also releasing a highlighter which perfectly compliments the eyeshadows and is silky soft and really wearable.

We're not revealing the swatches just yet but here's a couple of pics from Italy, we made a special trip to Florence because we just had to visit the Gucci Garden, which is a restaurant, museum and shopping MUST.

us in Florence by the Duomo with our Sweetheart bags

The pink and black everything!!!

The team kindly made their tasting menu vegetarian and vegan for us, and it was delicious!

matchy matchy obvs

One of the things we've been working really hard on is the packaging, as we want it to be either completely recyclable or re-useable - as much as possible anyway - it's always a struggle to make packaging look good but preferably not at a huge cost to the environment. We're always working on making improvements where we can, so for example the palette has a magnetic base which means you can top up on your favourite shades, which will also be sold as single pans.

We'll be receiving final samples in the next few weeks so we'll reveal more when we get those...including swatches...but for now watch this space as it's all very exciting at the moment.


And Finally.... 

The last thing that you've probably already seen on insta, is the fact that we're closing the pop up shop this month, well actually it's our last day in store and we're sat here writing this blog post from behind the till...grabbing a rare moment when it's a little quiet to put this post together for you!

We'll be sad to see the store go, but it's been an amazing 7 months and we've learned so much in terms of retail. Everything is a learning curve and although having a physical store has been a really wonderful experience, what we've learned is that we don't necessarily want to have a 'flagship' and we're planning on creating smaller short term pop ups in lots of different city centres UK wide. So the plan is to introduce lots more people to the brand that way and of course to keep on creating beautiful brushes and accessories...and soon makeup!

one of the behind the scenes pics from the shoot we did in the shop before it closes


and another...matchy and chicy


Hannah on the tills...wearing pink obvs

That's about it for this month but keep on checking our insta stories for mini updates on everything we're up to, and of course stay in touch and let us know if there's anything else you want to hear from us.

Lots of love,


Sophie & Hannah



One last thing...here's a cheeky 20% off code you can use for one month, just for being a loyal subscriber as a little thank you from us