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How to Keep Makeup On All Day

How to Keep Makeup On All Day

Makeup is an essential part of the daily routine for many of us, but keeping makeup on all day and keeping it looking good can be a challenge. It can be frustrating to invest time and effort into applying it, only to have it wear off within a few hours. The bad news is there is no one single reason that makeup wears off quickly, there are a whole range of factors. Luckily, we have great tips and tricks that can help you keep your makeup looking fresh all day long, so you can focus on everything else. 

Start with a clean canvas

One of the most important steps in keeping your makeup on all day is to start with a clean face. This means washing your face with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, or other impurities that can interfere with your makeup's ability to adhere to your skin. Be sure to also moisturise your skin before applying any makeup to ensure that it has a smooth surface to adhere to.

Use a primer

A primer is a product that is applied before foundation or other makeup to help it adhere better to the skin. Primers come in many different formulas, such as silicone-based, water-based, or oil-based, so it's important to choose one that works well with your skin type. Apply a small amount of makeup primer to your face and let it dry before applying any other makeup.

Choose long-wearing formulas

When choosing makeup products, look for those that are labelled as long-wearing or have a matte finish. These products are designed to last longer on the skin and are less likely to fade or smudge throughout the day. Some examples of long-wearing makeup products include liquid lipsticks and smudge-proof mascara and eyeliners.

Set your makeup with powder

Setting your makeup with a translucent powder can help it last longer throughout the day. After applying your foundation and other face products, lightly dust a small amount of powder over your face with a makeup brush to help set the makeup in place. Be sure to focus on areas that tend to get oily, such as the T-zone, to prevent shine and keep your makeup looking fresh.

Use setting spray

Setting spray is a product that is applied over makeup to help it last longer and resist smudging or fading. Setting spray is typically applied in a fine mist over the face and left to dry. It's important to choose a level of setting spray that is appropriate for your skin type, the type of makeup you are wearing and how much you’ve chosen to apply. 

Touch up throughout the day

Even with the best products and techniques, it's still possible for makeup to fade or smudge throughout the day. To combat this, our makeup artist Hannah says it's a good idea to carry a small touch-up kit with you. This can include items such as blotting papers to remove excess oil, a small powder compact to touch up shine, and a lipstick or lip gloss to refresh your lip colour.

Don't touch your face

One of the biggest culprits of makeup fading or smudging throughout the day is touching your face. This can transfer oils and bacteria from your hands to your face, causing makeup to break down and fade more quickly. To prevent this, try to avoid touching your face as much as possible throughout the day. If you need to scratch an itch or adjust your glasses, use a clean tissue or handkerchief to avoid transferring oils and bacteria to your face.

How to keep makeup on all day in hot weather

Warmer weather means getting out and about more and having some fun in the sun but this can pose a challenge for makeup which can start to run in heat. Again, moisturising is crucial. Our makeup expert Hannah recommends wearing sun cream with a decent SPF level (at least 30). As well as keeping your skin moisturised this will also stop it from getting burnt, and it’s really hard keeping an all day makeup look with sunburn. 

It’s a good idea to keep reapplying sun cream every couple of hours. To avoid touching your face, a good tip is to soak a compact makeup pad in sun cream then you can dab it on when you’re out and about. Don’t forget to make sure to clean both the pad and the case thoroughly before soaking. Or, a spray sun cream that can go over makeup is another great alternative.

How to keep makeup on all day with oily skin

If you have skin that’s slightly more oily than usual, it can be a bit more tricky to keep makeup on all day. Again, it’s really important to clean and moisturise your skin as much as possible before applying any makeup. 

When applying primer, it’s a good idea to look for a mattifying primer which will help smooth the skin and reduce the oiliness. Some primers are labelled as being for oily skin. When choosing makeup products look for ones that are oil free. It’s also a good idea to carry some blotting tissues so you can nip off to the loo and discreetly deal with any excess oil on the skin. 

How to keep makeup on all day without primer 

Whilst primer is a helpful tool when it comes to keeping your makeup on all day, you can manage without it, though it’s easier for some skin types than others. If you don’t want to use a primer then you’ll almost certainly need setting powder and a setting spray. If it is getting warmer, try to avoid getting too hot as this is when makeup is more likely to start to run. 

Keeping an all day makeup look can be tricky, but with the right techniques and makeup products, and a bit of practice, you can find the routine that works best for you and your skin type.