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5 Easy Ways To Save The Bees

5 Easy Ways To Save The Bees

We're passionate about being kind to the environment and there are so many little things we can all do to help.

In light of Random Acts Of Kindness Day, and our sweetest honey-inspired Winnie The Pooh collection, Cohorted's Ximena Guijarro shows us 5 easy ways we can help save the bees.


There’s no doubt that honey is one of the tastiest treats you can have; with its sweet taste and thick texture, it makes every cup of tea, piece of toast and glazed cake even more glorious. Nonetheless, the sweet, little, furry, buzzing creatures that produce this delightful pot of gold are dying and we need to help them out. 

Bees play a vital role in the preservation of our ecological balance and biodiversity in nature. They help maintain a healthy environment by pollinating crops and wildflowers, and contribute to a complex and interconnected ecosystem that allows for a diverse number of species to co-exist.

There are 3 main factors (amongst others) that are causing bees to die – these being Pesticides, Poor Nutrition and Pollution, also called the 3 P’s.

But the question still lies, what can we do to protect the bees?

This article outlines 5 easy things that we can all do to ensure that we’re doing our best to look after our stripped friends.

1. Make A Bee Garden

Plant a bee garden

Currently the largest threat to bees is the lack of a safe habitat where they can build ‘homes’, find plenty of nutritious sources and live happily. By building a bee garden you encourage wildlife, rich in pollen and nectar, to grow where bees can prevail. You don’t even need a large piece of land to create these bee friendly gardens – you can grow them in yards, window boxes, flower pots and planters; you can even create a community garden at your local park. 

2. Plant a Tree

Not to common knowledge, trees are actually the main source of nectar for bees. Blossoming trees allow bees to feed fromthousands of them every year. Not only are they a great food source, but they are also essential for the habitat, and as we’ve seen we’re in desperate need of some extra trees. If you are unsure about what type of tree to plant, plant a cherry tree, as they produce ten times more nectar than an apple tree!

3. Go Organic / Pesticide Free

Honeybees typically feed on nearby crops and plants; however, they are usually coated in harmful pesticides that can cause them to die very quickly. The best way to support bees is by shopping organically! Organic farming does not only provide a safe nutrient source for bees, but it also helps stabilize human food production and preserve wild habitats whilst helping local farmers. The best way to ensure that you are shopping organically is finding fruit and vegetables that are locally sourced and free of pesticides. You should also avoid using pesticides in your own garden, it’s much better to yank weeds in your yard by hand or by pouring some lemon over them and letting them dry out.

4. Create A Bee Bath

Create a bee bath

Just like humans, bees need to stay very hydrated to do their job, but sometimes it’s a little harder to find a quick drink for them. The easiest way to solve this problem is creating a shallow bath – a bowl does the trick too – and filling it up with some clean, fresh water and some pebbles for them to have a sip, splash around and relax after a hard day's work.

5. Support Your Local Beekeepers

Understandably some people may be a little scared of bees or allergic, so if you’re not ready for these tiny creatures to be floating around your garden you can indirectly help them by supporting your local beekeepers. They are a fantastic way to encourage the growth and reproduction of bees as these keepers work extremely hard to nurture them and create a fantastic community for both bees and humans. The easiest way to do this is by buying locally-made honey and beeswax – such as soaps, lotions and candles. Find beekeeping near you to see how else you can show your support.

Spectrum X Winnie The Pooh

Spectrum are always passionate about spreading a little joy around and encouraging kindness to be a part of our everyday lives. So, to celebrate Random Acts Of Kindness Day on 17th February, they’re bringing you their brand-new Winnie The Pooh Collection, straight from the Hundred Acre Woods.

Disney Winnie The Pooh Collection

With a focus on honey, this 100% vegan and cruelty free Winnie The Pooh collection will make you fall in love with the charming bear and our beloved bees all over again.

Written by: Ximena Guijarro


Bold, Opinionated and Clumsy are probably some of the words that describe me best. As a young adult, I am still learning and growing by meeting new, extravagant and enchanting individuals who are shaping my life in bigger and better ways. I have an undying passion for everything fashion and I am an immense supporter of making sure we develop more sustainable tendencies to protect our planet!