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The Best Self-Help Books

The Best Self-Help Books

Hi darlings 💕   We’re not sure about you but we’re feeling like we need a bit of extra motivation to keep us on track and balanced throughout this winter. With local lockdowns coming back into play it does feel like we are back to square one and left wondering when will this end?! But one thing we can take comfort in, is that we’re all in this together and storms don’t last forever!

‘Self care’ has been circulating more than ever and it’s increasingly important to switch off and let your mind rest (remember we’re not super humans!) Books have been an increasingly great self care activity through the pandemic, and a great way to keep your mental health in check is by snuggling up with a good self-help book! These kind of books are important to rest your racing mind, realise you’re not alone in your thoughts and understand why you could be feeling the way you are, and know that it’s completely normal! They may also be extra useful to you if your unable to access mental health resources at the moment such as therapy, doctors or just in need of some extra support.

So we’ve listed 4 self help books that are great in calming the mind, battling anxiety and giving you the motivation and positivity to keep going and moving forward!


Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King


Image top to bottom : Bocu / @summerofsammi


I picked this book up last year to take on holiday for an easy read whilst relaxing and recharging, and I’ve since reread this book during lockdown (the great thing with self-help books is the ability to reread for those self-care reminders and guidance, they never get old! It’s almost like a breath of fresh air with each read).

 Vex King draws on his own personal experiences and wisdom to show ways to transform negative emotions into positive ones, how to love yourself, and how to overcome fear. Inspirational quotes are dotted throughout the book and a sense of guidance is created on how to better yourself. A must read book and notably popular within the IG community right now!



Notes On A Nervous Planet by Matt Haig 




This small and concise book is less of a “how to” but more of a reassurance book, which at current times is definitely useful in grounding ourselves and curbing panic! Notes on a Nervous Planet is almost soothing for any overthinkers / worriers in modern life and with the current increasing pace of change. His book sets out to help you take a step back and remember the good things! Remember manifesting positive thoughts can really help to turn your day around and is a great place to start in picking out the positives in your day.



The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, A Calmer You by Chloe Brotheridge



'The Anxiety Solution' is a great self-help tool written by hypnotherapist Chloe Brotheridge. The book is focused on guidance to reduce anxiety, understand why you feel anxious and supply you with techniques to help manage your symptoms. Living within the pandemic, working from home or being furloughed and not able to meet friends and family can definitely heighten worry and anxiety, so this book is a great little guide to seek help and manage anxiety. Each Chapter starts with a quote, along with exercises that are dotted throughout the book which can be completed as and when you choose!


  You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero




Our final choice for self-help books would be 'You Are A Badass'! This humorous and witty self-help book is a great place to start, for anyone looking to better themselves and understand their thoughts and actions. This how-to guide contains inspiring stories, wise advice and easy exercises to create a life you love.

Three big takeaways from this book are:

  1. There is great force within your thoughts.
  2. Appreciate the fact that you are learning everyday.
  3. You must accept who you are and ignore what others may think of you.


Even though we may find ourselves living most of our lives at home at the moment, this could be the perfect time to work on yourself and your growth. No time is ever wasted if it is spent improving your lifestyle and personal habits!

Why not light a candle to help you relax and unwind with your new books.