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Spectrum Talks: Skincare Awareness Month

Spectrum Talks: Skincare Awareness Month

September is skincare awareness month – the perfect time to take a look at our skincare routines and the products we use! So naturally, we dedicated one of our Spectrum Talks to the topic.

Read all the highlights from our Twitter chat below. From desert island skincare products to the best advice we’ve ever been given, we’ve got all the tips and inspo here to get your skin glowing.

Our Desert Island Skincare Products

We all have at least one product we can’t live without. When it comes to skincare, keeping up a daily routine is all important for that golden glow – so what are our go-to daily products?

It’s no surprise that SPF is top of the list for many of our Spectrum sisters! 

Heat or no heat, high SPF products are an absolute must in our opinion. Protecting your skin daily from harmful UV rays has great anti-aging benefits in the long run!

Nothing gets you glowing quite like a serum – and they’re great for everyday hydration too.

Which Skincare Products Do We Always Change Up?

It’s harder to hit the mark with some products. By a total landslide the product we switch up most often is…

There’s so much variety when it comes to serums that you can always test out something new. Depending on how your skin is feeling, the weather and all sorts of other factors, different products might work better for you.

Morning and Evening Skincare Routines

Should you follow a different skincare routine in the morning compared to nighttime?

This sounds dreamy. There’s so much you can do quickly for your skin, even if you struggle for time in the morning!

Using SPF in the morning is one of the major differences between our AM and PM routines.

The most important thing is finding a balance. So if you struggle to maintain a skincare routine, strip it back to the basics – cleanse, moisturise, hydrate, and protect with SPF.

SPF Product Recommendations

There are more choices than ever when it comes to finding SPF skincare products! Do you use one every day though? And which is your fave?

We’ve had so many great recommendations from our Spectrum sisters.

Finding the right protection is key – and hydration is such an added bonus.

We love a multitasking product!

 What’s the Best Skincare Advice You’ve Been Given?

We wanted to know which pearls of wisdom have stuck with you and influenced your skincare routines! Listen up because we got some real gems.

Yes! Your skin is unique. Take notice of what works for you and what doesn’t.

These two tips are huge. It’s never too early to start using anti-aging products!

Another biggie. If you’re switching up your routine, take it 1 product at a time so you can really see the effects.

Top Skincare Tips

We can’t let you leave without giving away our top skincare secrets for that ultimate glow. So, our top daily steps are:

  • Always wear SPF
  • Never skip moisturiser
  • Lock in hydration (try our Glowful Primer & Mist with hyaluronic acid)
  • Always double cleanse
  • Exfoliate at least once a week

Step This Way for Glowful Skin

If you’ve taken all our skincare insights on board, maybe it’s time for a product refresh! Get your hydration and illumination fix with our Spectrum skincare products.

And if you loved this Spectrum Talks recap, join us over on Twitter – we chat about a fresh topic every Tuesday at 12pm.  

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