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Spectrum Talks: Christmas Makeup

Spectrum Talks: Christmas Makeup

Due to the latest developments, not everyone may get a Christmas party this year, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on mastering Christmas makeup looks and getting glammed up.

Here at Spectrum HQ, we’ve been dipping into our glitter reserves and embracing a festive red lip already, but are you lovelies feeling a festive makeup look as much as us?

To find out, let’s take a look at the latest round-up of responses to our weekly Twitter chat.

Glitter Eyes or Red Lip?


The choice between Christmas glitter makeup and a luscious red lip is a bit like the age-old debate of whether you show leg or cleavage. People say you’re not supposed to do both, but we say… why the heck not?

Done right, sparkly eyes and a red Christmas lipstick can look super glam. And, it seems you agree.

Plus, who says the shimmer has to be on your eyes?

What Are Your Top Tips For Helping Your Makeup Last All Night Long?


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than spending ages perfecting Christmas party makeup or a funky festive look only for it to melt, smudge or wash away. So, getting that fix is of tip-top importance.

We’d always recommend starting with a good base, and you can’t go wrong with one of our illuminating primers.

And, your tweets gave us some additional top tips too!

Long-lasting makeup designed for durability seems to be a winner among our followers.


Dressed Up Glam or PJs and No Makeup? Or, Both?


We love dolling up for a big night out, but sometimes we just need a night in with a tasty takeaway, a good movie and great friends. Chinese food is always a winner in our eyes.

Get yourself a girl who can do both, right? Well, that’s what you guys are telling us…

There’re no rules about where you wear your glam, after all.

Christmas Party and Cocktails or Night in with Christmas Films?


However much we all like to party, it looks like most of us will be chilling at home with friends and family this year.

And Last, But Far From Least, What Is Your Go-To NYE Makeup Look?


We’d love some inspo!

New Year’s Eve is a night we usually go all out. Sparkly eyes, shimmering highlights and a statement eyeliner are firm favourites among our team, but what is your go-to look for the new year?

We’re loving all the images you’re sharing to illustrate your plans. Keep them coming!

Fancy a Little Festive Treat?


If this round-up has inspired you to buy some Christmas makeup gifts for loved ones or to stock up ahead of 2022, you may still have time.

So, act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out, or choose a digital gift card if you’re cutting it close!