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Spectrum Spring Shoot

Spectrum Spring Shoot
So a few weeks ago we shot our Spring/Summer campaign....*excited face*...here's a mini video - hope you love!


Firstly, we hope you enjoy the new images and our web refresh, we are really in love with the new look so thought we'd write a little bit about how it all came together, and we've included a short but sweet interview with one of our campaign faces, the totally beautiful Bethan Sowerby from Britain's Next Top Model 2016.



Planning a photoshoot is really exciting, but it's also pretty hard work to get the right team together, in the same place on the same day, and get the images that you want at the end of it all...oh and did we mention we filmed the first 5 instalments of our beauty tutorials and a behind the scenes video? There will be a separate post on that one so stay tuned. Yes it was a lot to get through but it was so much fun.



For the makeup we wanted to create 3 looks for each model, so 6 in total. We used unicorns and mermaids as the inspiration...obvs...but we always try and bring in ideas from current beauty trends.



It's actually quite difficult to come up with makeup looks for shoots if you think about it, they have to be done in quite a short space of time, for this shoot we needed to get through 6 in total, with one MUA - the uber talented Jocelyn Miller. The looks needed to be inspiring and on trend, but we also wanted to keep them achievable for our customers - yes you can create these looks with our tools! So anything too avant-garde or complicated is out the picture. We focused on a cool, editorial feel. As much as we love the extremely detailed looks we come across on instagram all the time, and we do totally want to be able to contour like a Kardashian, it's not always realistic, so we kept this in mind for our new shoot.



As well as sticking to our rainbow roots, we also had to incorporate a look for the dreamy new Marbleous brush set, something a little more clean and minimal. Don't get us wrong, it's definitely not basic, just not quite as colourful as our other makeup inspo, so we went a little more glossy and a little less on the glitter.



As well as the makeup we had to think about the hair, we didn't want anything too 'done'  that's just not cool, but to get the perfectly un-done styled hair is never as easy as it looks, that's where Vicky Millington saved our asses, she just got it, and we love the way she interpreted what we wanted <3



The location for the shoot was We Are Kin, a super cute studio bang in central Manchester. The girls there were so helpful and friendly, it made the shoot run so much smoother, so thank you Marta & Ciara.



Our models!!! We love these girls, we had Sandra & Bethan for our campaign images, these girls are so sweet and worked really hard to get the shots, to be honest, we're not all about the heavy editing or airbrushing, so these two are naturally beautiful and it shows in the shots. 



When it came to the styling, photography and video we handled that ourselves, we are a mini creative team so this is where we get to have fun. Creating the images and the look for our brand is amazing, and really, we wouldn't want anyone else to take over on that part, so everything you see is made by Spectrum for Spectrum...total girl power.



Anyway, that's just a little insight, we'll keep you posted on more happenings here at Spectrum HQ, but for now here's a couple of questions we asked Bethan so you can get to know her a bit better:
What is your heritage? We are intrigued where you got your unusual beauty from. 
My nana is half Mexican, half Chinese! Her mother is Mexican and her father was Cantonese

How has life changed since doing amazingly well on BNTM?
Ermmmm, Ive become a lot busier with my modelling which is amazing! Ive started a Youtube channel where I just document some of the things I've been getting up to since the show ended. I've started up my own little boutique to try and earn a little extra money, so I'm always crazy busy but I guess thats a good thing! My boutique is called B-OnTrend, at the moment I'm just selling from Depop but it's up-coming so watch out.
I think the thing about my life which has changed the most is myself I feel like I have grown up a lot since being in the show! (obviously im only 19 so im not a seriously grown up full time adult now haha) but I now look at things differently to the way I did before the show. I also dont take myself as seriously as I did, I was always very paranoid about silly things like being tagged in an ugly photo! Whereas I feel the show made me accept who I am and what I look like, obviously I still complain now and again, but I just think God made me like this for a reason!
How hot really was that Reggae Reggae Sauce?!
It was ridiculously hot and im a fan of spicy food but that was next level!!!

Where is the best place for a cocktail in Manchester? 
Hmmm, this is a tough one because everyone has their own preferences, I love simple signature cocktails like Sex On The Beach and WooWoo, I'm not into these crazy fancy ones which taste like washing up liquid haha! however I do love Alchemist and they tend to do some crazy cocktails!

What is your favourite pizza topping?

best 90's chick flick....Mean Girls or Clueless?
Mean Girls all the way!
Do you have a secret beauty tip?
Yes! My key to keeping clear skin is to ALWAYS wash your makeup off before you go to bed #NOMAKEUPWIPES

Favourite Spectrum Collections product?
Noooo..you cant make me pick!! 
I Literally love this brand so so much your ideas are incredible! So I don't think I could pick one favourite, cant wait to see even more amazing products to come in the future!

Any advice for aspiring models?
Im really good at giving advice but not following it myself! But if I could give any kind of advice it would be:
1. Be Positive
2. Follow your dreams, ask yourself is what your doing today going to benefit/get you one step closer to your dreams tomorrow?
3. If you want to do something which is quite daunting just go ahead and throw yourself into it because what have you got to lose?
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