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Spectrum Sisters 2019, Chapter 1

Spectrum Sisters 2019, Chapter 1

Hi Beauties!


We're going to start sending out monthly updates detailing what we've been up to, what we've learned, and what we're loving each month, so this is the first one, our January round up. 

You would think that after the madness of Christmas, that January would be quite chilled, time to relax and re-energise after the madness that is December, but there was definitely no down time for us this month...


Just a little pic of us on our insta-famous pink sofa / green wall / neon combo in our Carnaby Street store.

What have we been up to?

This year we're really focused on trying to plan as much as we can, last year was a crazy one launching with Disney and opening our pop up in Carnaby, we always seemed to be playing catch up and never really quite on top of what we were working on, which for anyone else who manages a business will know is pretty much the norm, but we really want to try and regain a little bit of control rather than being on what feels like a crazy roller coaster 365...it can get a bit dizzy sometimes!


You'll be excited to hear we have lots more new launches this year, the first of many being a Mickey Mouse range which is absolutely lush! It's a bit different for us, watch out for our new campaign which will be released soon with Chloe Lloyd and her hubby Josh, the campaign was filmed and shot around London and is very chic. Also for our American and world wide babes we will be launching the range simultaneously with a few stockists so you'll be able to purchase on the day of launch...yay! More details on that to come, watch this space.


What we've learned


This month we've learned really just how big Christmas is in retail world. We know, it's Jan and no one really wants to re-live the festive season right now, but we are in it up to our eyeballs! For those of you who've been following the brand, you'll have spotted our beautiful gift sets in Boots for Christmas, and we're pleased to say there's more coming for this year, which we've been really busy working on to make them as amazing as we can, we're all so excited to share them with you! But that's for another newsletter.

So we've learned that there is no down time in January we're straight back into Christmas, which is new for us but we're always learning. One thing that has definitely kept us going is COFFEE!! Especially in our gorge pink kind cups #drinkpink


Our favourite way to drink coffee, from our very own kind cup.

We've also been listening to and learning from you guys what products you love and we've taken everything into consideration for our upcoming launches, there's a lot of love and thought that goes into every range, if we don't absolutely love it we wouldn't put it out there for you guys, so please do keep telling us what you think and posting your pics and comments on insta or twitter.


We've also learned that Veganuary is really interesting and about so much more than just what we choose to eat. We did a wonderful event with Vevolution at Eat By Chloe where we talked about veganism, covering the beauty industry, fashion industry, and consumerism in general.

Just some of the delicious food at Eat By Chloe, we had the mac n cheese and it was amazing.

What we learned from speaking to lots of other guests and speakers was that veganism is really a scale, and how much you can commit to it is an individual choice, and finding what works for you. We both think that any little tweaks you can make to your diet, beauty regime or consumption habits will help in your own unique way.

Lastly, we're judges this year for the Great British Entrepreneur awards in association with Natwest, which we're really proud to to be part of after winning the overall award last year. What we've learned from the judging process is that there are so many amazing and inspirational businesses in the UK, and we're seeing more and more people take the plunge and start something for themselves. If you're thinking about it but perhaps you've been putting it off for some time, perhaps this is the year you'll make it happen. The most important thing that goes into starting a business is actually taking the first step and starting it. Whatever that start may be, even just finding and buying the domain name means that you're working towards your goals.


Please don't judge us too hard, we were tired and didn't have time to do our hair...


What we're loving this month...

The sales of course! Anyone who knows or follows us knows that we love to shop, and when it's on sale even better. 

What we try and do every time we buy something is make sure that we really love it and that we know we will absolutely wear it more than once. That's one step towards having a beautiful but sustainable wardrobe, which is so important to us and we're sure it is to you too. Here are a couple of our fave bits we've picked up this month, incase you want to pick one up for yourself! You know we're the biggest advocates of treating yourself, just do it with products you love and will want to keep.


Herbivore day cream, light enough for combo skin and smells divine.


We always have this Tanya Whitebits Pomegranate candle burning on our desk.

We didn't do dry Jan so this Rock on Ruby jumper was appropriate.

That's it for now, please comment or pop us a message on insta or a tweet and let us know if there's anything else you'd like to hear from us.

Lots of love,


Sophie & Hannah