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How To Keep Yourself Motivated Through Autumn 2021

How To Keep Yourself Motivated Through Autumn 2020


Does anyone else just not feel quite ready to let go of summer?! It can feel harder to keep motivated in Autumn with the evenings drawing in and gloomier days ahead, but we can’t help but feel that crisp ‘back to school’ feeling and the opportunity for a fresh start and to reset our goals. 

We’ve put together our ultimate list of ways to get ready, stay motivated and make the most of Autumn. We've also included our very own Spectrum planning printables to help you boss babes get organised and feeling great! Download our Weekly Desk Planner and Weekly Gratitude Tracker.


Declutter Your Space!

There is nothing more satisfying than having a good sort out as a new season begins; ‘out with the old and in with the new' kinda vibe. So starting at home is a great way to begin September.

First things first, carry out a deep clean / declutter throughout your home and as Marie Kondo says, be sure to get rid of anything that no longer 'brings you joy'. Starting Autumn with a fresh and tidy house also means a fresh and tidy mind, right? So get decluttering and sorting those drawers!

Tackle your wardrobe next; tidying away any summer clothes that won’t be useful for layering throughout the Autumn. Replacing your sandals with boots, bikinis with jumpers and suncream with scarfs. Curating that killer wardrobe ready for Autumn is a confidence and self-esteem boost all in itself!

Don’t forget your desk space! Whether you’re still WFH, just starting back at work or moving back into the office, it’s important to keep your workspace clutter free. Your work is your second home right..? So be sure to rearrange your desk to give it a fresh feel, buy a new plant, mug, organiser (we’re a little obsessed with desk décor) to add some newness. Sort through your drawers and rid them of it's desk dumping ground stereotype. Keeping your workspace neat and tidy can encourage productivity and reduce distractions!



Get Organised!

So the best part of going back to school was always the stationary shop, are we right?! And that still hasn’t changed! Grab yourself a new notebook, desk planner, work mug and reinvent yourself when getting ready to get back to work. We absolutely love an A5 desk planner; being able to see your weekly plan Monday – Sunday and your most important notes at a glance is definitely a winner.

As beauty fanatics, you can bet we will be starting Autumn the right way with some fresh skincare and cosmetics. Our Autumn must haves would be the Kind Cup, 12 Piece Marbleous Brush Set, Vegan Solid Brush Soap and our Dark Matter Mascara of course!

We don't know about you but 2020 has definitely been a flop for personal goals set at the start of the year. That doesn't mean all is lost though! We still have a couple of months left to achieve some motivating goals through Autumn / Winter. These could just be some simple personal goals such as keeping a steady workout routine, making room for more “me time” once back to work when things start to get a little busy again, making more time/effort to see family and friends or taking up that hobby which has sat at the bottom of your priority list. Ticking off small wins and achieving some simple goals will really help keep you motivated and productive through Autumn.



Create & Stick To A New Routine!

One of the biggest changes to become accustomed to in Autumn is the feeling of shorter days and darker morning / evenings. In the summer, the feeling of endless sunlight to kick start your goals and never ending to do list is a blessing, and it can really hit you hard as your daylight routine starts to change. Rearranging and creating a new routine for yourself as we go into Autumn can help keep you on track! Start by writing down things you want to make a priority each day and be strict on fitting these in to your schedule, even with a feeling of shorter days. You might want to swap your early morning gym routines to evening classes to keep yourself from getting home and curling up into bed, even though it’s only 6pm. Does anyone else just want to get into bed as soon as it gets dark outside...? (guilty!).

Sticking to a workout routine throughout the Autumn / Winter could also be one of the best things you can do to keep you motivated and feeling good. Exercising through the gloomy British weather is usually one of the last things on our list but trust us, your mental health will thank you later. Find a type of exercise you enjoy, pair up with a workout partner, join a new class or enrol in PT sessions to keep you motivated. Exercise could be the brain boost you’re looking for this Autumn to keep you on track and hitting those goals.


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 Download our Weekly Desk Planner and Weekly Gratitude Tracker below:


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