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The Best Brush for the Job

The Best Brush for the Job

Nothing beats that fluffy brush feeling. In fact, we’ll take your freshly washed sheets and raise you a set of perfectly cleansed makeup brushes. 


You can have a makeup collection to rival Sofia Richie’s, but if your brushes aren’t hitting the mark, it’s pretty hard to achieve the same vibe.

That’s because makeup brushes are an essential tool for creating pro MUA level looks. They work to blend and buff product into the skin, creating an airbrushed finish. 

Just think of it this way: your face is like a blank (and beautiful) canvas. The brushes you use can either make or break the application process. If the bristles are coarse and brittle, makeup just won’t sit great.

But if they’re soft, flexible, and silky? There are no limits to what you can do. 


That’s why investing in high-quality brushes is key - it’s what will help you to achieve your Insta-worthy masterpiece.

What’s more, different brushes are intended for different techniques and areas of the face, as well as product formulas. With so much choice available, choosing a staple brush set that ticks all the boxes can be tricky.

Read our guide on the best makeup brushes to level up your beauty routine in 3,2,1… 

The best brush for: contouring

The A05 Angled Cheek Makeup Brush

An angled brush for angled features? Nailed it. The Spectrum A05 brush glides seamlessly across the contours of your cheekbones for a naturally chiseled effect. Simply work the product into the bristles and sweep where you want a little more definition. 

The best brush for: concealing

The A18 Oval Concealer Brush

Consider the oval concealer brush as your new BFF. Featuring a flat shape and flexible bristles, you can work cream or liquid concealers into your skin for undetectable coverage. 

The best brush for: blending

The KJH 10 Pro Multi-Purpose Blender

Developed by pro makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, this cult favorite brush is here for all your blending needs. From concealing blemishes to softening a smokey eye, the dense but silky bristles make blending out products a breeze. 

The best brush for: detailing

The Sculpt Number 30 Fine Line Brush

Looking for a tool to step up your winged liner game? Look no further than our Fine Liner Brush. Simply work a powder or cream liner into the bristles and watch the brush work its ultra-precise magic. Hello, definition!

Staple brushes for every kit

B01 Buffing Foundation Brush

When it comes to creating a flawless base, using less product and applying it well is key. The B01 Buffing Foundation brush features densely packed bristles to work foundation into the skin for a real-life filter effect. The best part? You can use any formula; be it liquid, cream, or powder. 

A01 Domed Powder Makeup Brush

Setting your foundation will ensure you’re glowing from day to night. The large surface area of the Domed Powder brush makes it perfect for sweeping over your entire face - resulting in a natural, diffused finish. Simply swirl its bristles into a lightweight powder and let the brush do the rest of the work. 

Sculpt Number 28 Brow Brush

Did you know your eyebrows act as a frame for your face? Creating a shape that works for is easy with the Sculp Number 28 Brow Brush. Our double-ended tool allows you to effortlessly define your brows and brush them in place for a killer look that lasts all day long. 

The best all-rounder brush set

Looking for a complete kit to equip you with all the brushes you could need? You’re in the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced makeup artist, the Spectrum brush kits are best-sellers for a reason.

10 Piece Essential Brush Set

The Spectrum 10 Piece Essential Brush Set is every makeup lover's dream. Containing 10 signature brushes, this award-winning set is designed to empower you with the tools you need to create your own version of perfection. Which look will you try first?

Katie Jane Hughes 25 Piece Makeup Brush Set

So, you’ve got a stellar makeup collection covered. Now you want a variety of brushes to meet its match. In which case, The Katie Jane Hughes Brush Set is everything you need and more. This super luxe kit features 25 professional brushes - all of which can be used in a multitude of ways. From sculpting and sweeping to blending and buffing, serving everyday looks just got a whole lot easier.