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We answered some of the most googled beauty questions of 2020!

We answered some of the most googled beauty questions of 2020!

It’s no secret that the year 2020 has been a strange one and full of uncertainty. As our hairdressers and salons were forced to close due to national lockdowns, we took to google to answer our beauty queries, DIY hair colour & how to’s! Honestly, what would we do without Google?!


What order to do skin care?

One thing to take as a positive from 2020, was taking time to self-care, slow down and look after ourselves. Although the world of skin care can be a little over whelming, we’ve listed the best order to do skin care to make your life easier! You can screenshot our image so you'll never forget!

Some steps you can skip, depending on your skin type!

Did you know? You should double cleanse in the evening? The first cleanse is to get rid of all the dirt, oil, makeup, sunscreen, etc. (Even if you’re not wearing make-up!) The second cleanse is to deep clean your skin and get deep down into your pores. We love an oil based cleanser or a balm which helps to melt away all the initial makeup. Then go in with a facial wash to remove the residue and further cleanse. 


How to colour your hair at home?

Although, the professionals probably wouldn't advise DIY hair colour, desperate times calls for desperate measures. And with more restrictions being put in place, we know these tips will come in handy!

Buy two boxes (Can you imagine running out of dye half way through!) You'll want to make sure your hair is evenly covered!

Always start with dry hair! - The hair dye will struggle to hold onto wet hair. 

Section - Create a middle part, from the front to the back of your head, then from there split your hair into four sections. Use both ears as a guide to create the front two. Work through each section from front to back to ensure you don't miss any spots!

Touch up your roots - Whilst the salons are closed, we probably wouldn't recommend trying out a whole new hair colour! Try to pick a dye closest to your hair colour and just focus the dye on your roots. 

If you're brave and trying out a new colour, make sure to evenly spread the hair dye and don't be shy! No one wants patchy hair.

Get the right tools - Make sure to use a mixing pot and dye brush to keep things neat! 

Add water - Before you rinse out the dye, add a touch of water over your head and massage into your hair which will help prevent streaks.

Strand test - If you've never dyed your hair before, this step is important! 

How to build a skin-care routine

Determine your skin type! Finding your skin type can help you find the right products for your skin. If you're starting out, keep it simple and minimal. 

Although google can be great for this, sometimes it can be over whelming and filled with confusing information! We’ve made this bit easy with the help of skin care king - ‘Skincare with Hyram’. Honestly, he’s so cute and know’s his stuff! The video on how to find your skin type is only 5 mins long yay!

Once you've determined your skin type, we'd recommend starting with minimal products. You don't want to over do it or make things too complicated when you're first starting out. Use our skin care order image above to help know what order to apply them. 

These 4 steps are a great starting point when building a skin care routine - Start off with a gentle cleanser that is recommended for your skin type and use this morning and night. Follow with a toner and serum. Again, both steps will be determined by what your skin care needs are. Serums can be packed full of amazing ingredients depending on if you want something hydrating, help with dark spots, anti-aging, etc. Finally, finish with a moisturiser. And Wallah! You've just built a great skin care routine, you don't need to start off with tons of products. You can slowly introduce other steps or switch out products once you get a better idea on what your skin needs/knowing what works for you. 

What does Toner do for your face? 

Let's face it, toner can be a neglected step in our skin care routine and the main reason being, no-one knew what it was actually for! 

Toner helps remove some of the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It also helps prep your skin for the next step like your serum and moisturiser. Which ensures they absorb into your skin. Toners will also help minimize the appearance of pores and balance the skin's pH levels, which basically means it helps restore the hydration! Hydration: plump, glowy skin - yes please! 

One thing we have to mention is the myth behind toner...Some may say it's a good step at getting rid of any last makeup or dirt buuuut we hate to say it, this actually just means you haven't cleansed enough! Remember how we said double cleansing is important? Well this is why! If you still pick up residue make-up when toning, it basically means you'll either need a better cleanser or you'll need to double up this step to ensure it's squeaky clean! 

How to clean a beauty sponge?

The year 2020 saw us singing happy birthday whilst washing our hands (Seems a life time ago now!) But hopefully made us more conscious with how important it is to keep our makeup tools clean too.  

Luckily, we've got you covered and touched on this on our "How to clean your makeup brushes" blog post. 

We hope you found these tips helpful! Let's hope next year we won't need to carry out so much DIY because some things are better left to the professionals...Here's hoping you don't end up with a crazy hair colour. 

Happy New Year lovelies!