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Spectrum Talks: Morning Routines

Spectrum Talks: Morning Routines

Whether you wake up at dawn or lie in ‘til late, finding the right morning routine can really set you up for the day. We’re all different – maybe you have a solid morning skincare routine, or maybe you focus more on waking your body up with a little yoga or stretching.

We wanted to hear more about morning routines and why they’re important – and where better to do this than in one of our Spectrum Talks! From sharing our step-by-step routines to talking about how they affect our moods and productivity, we’re here to offer a little insight into how – and why – to start your day right.

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Early Bird or Night Owl?

Our morning routines are shaped by our lifestyle and what our days look like – for early risers, there might be more time to indulge in a great facial routine or a bit of exercise. On the other hand, if we’re more active at night we might want a simpler routine – after we eventually force ourselves out of bed.

We were pretty surprised to discover that the majority of our Spectrum sisters love an early morning!


Wow. There’s early, and there’s 4 am early.

Then there’s that one lucky person…

Please teach us your secret!

Step-By-Step Morning Routines


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’re all different. So, it’s no surprise we all shared different routines!

It’s true we all crave something different, and the perfect morning routine will look unique to you. For us, our dream routine has got to include:

  • A refreshing shower (or a soothing bath)
  • Cleansing and toning products
  • Moisturising – both face and body
  • Hydration – with our super brightening and hydrating Glowful Mist
  • A good breakfast

And some light exercise – if we can face it!

Taking some time to give yourself what you need each morning pays off. You might find you have more of a glow, more energy or even a brighter outlook.

Do Morning Routines Affect Your Mood?


Does how we spend the morning really make a difference?

As we mentioned above, sticking to a routine in the morning can help improve your mindset, while moving away from a routine can leave some of us feeling a bit negative.

 The key is to be present and notice how you feel. Maybe waking up a little earlier relaxes you, or taking the time to sit down and plan your day gives you a productivity boost.

Why We Love Mornings


Here are some beautiful reasons to make the most of your mornings.

 Get Routine-Ready


Feeling inspired to seize the day and start up a healthy new morning routine? We’re with you. If skincare and makeup are big priorities, then don’t miss our new makeup range – our Glowful Primer is a hero product for getting that gorgeous everyday glow, and our Glowful Mist is the best for quick hydration!

If you loved this Spectrum Talks recap and want to get involved next time, join us on Twitter. We chat about a new topic every Tuesday.  

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