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Spectrum Talks: Makeup Must-Haves

Spectrum Talks: Makeup Must-Haves

Makeup trends come and go, but there are some makeup products that stand the test of time. We all have those products in our makeup bags that we keep going back to, whether it’s your favourite designer lipstick or a blusher that makes your cheeks glow like no other.

So, do you guys have any makeup products that you just couldn’t live without?

To find out, let’s take a look at the latest round-up of responses to our weekly Twitter chat.

What is your favourite foundation right now?

We’ve all been there when it comes to a bad foundation. Some are too oily, leaving you looking like you’ve run a marathon by lunchtime, whilst some are too drying, leaving you with no healthy glow. It can be hard to find the perfect balance.

When you find the right one for you, there’s just no letting it go. It seems you pick your favourite foundations based on the time of year.

We can’t forget our fave singer Rihanna’s foundation. The shade range is epic. Hats off to Rhi!

Tell us your all-time favourite concealer? Under eye and for blemishes

We don’t know about you, but Monday mornings are the time of the week we’re most in need of a trusty concealer. The late nights and overindulgence of wine and fries over the weekend unfortunately brings out those under eye bags and pesky blemishes.

Luckily, you guys have given us the best concealer recommendations to help make us look fresh faced in the office on a Monday morning.

You all love that natural finish when it comes to concealer, no one likes cakey under eyes!

Best compact and loose setting powder

We’re in need of some inspiration!

There’s nothing worse than spending hours on your makeup for a big night out only for it to smudge off right away. So, getting that perfect setting powder that will keep your makeup in place is important.

Sometimes the cheaper brands are the best. And it seems you agree.

Every so often, there are times when we want to splash out on something a little more luxury. We’ve heard such good things about the Charlotte Tilbury setting powder, and you seem to love it too!

Favourite eyeshadow palette of all time

This is a hard one, as our favourite eyeshadow palettes will often vary depending on the time of year.

One of you Spectrum sisters said that our Pantherine Palette was your favourite, which we’re super flattered by! And we totally get where you’re coming from; the range of warm and fierce colours means it’s suitable for use all year round.

Our Spectrum palettes are a real hit with you guys! And we’d have to agree.

What is your go-to lip combo?

You guys love a red lip! Who doesn’t? It’s a staple that every makeup lover should have in their bag.

You, of course, need a reliable nude lipstick too for those days when you’re feeling more of a natural look. You just can’t go wrong; it goes with everything!

Add some must-haves to your beauty collection

If you haven’t already got your cosmetic bag filled up with your basic makeup must-haves, then hopefully this Spectrum Talks blog has given you all the inspo you need to start your collection.

Why not start by having a browse at some of the products suggested in our makeup range. We provide all the must-haves from creamy glosses to sun-kissed bronzers.

If you enjoyed hearing about what our Spectrum Talks gang had to say about their makeup product must-haves as much as we did, then join us on Twitter next Tuesday for another Spectrum Talks session.