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Spectrum Talks: High-End vs Affordable Beauty

Spectrum Talks: High-End vs Affordable Beauty

It’s always a tough decision knowing whether to splash out on a little luxury or go for the more affordable option. Is high-end makeup and beauty really worth the price tag, or are cheap beauty products almost as good? Can we even tell the difference?

As always, we turned to our Spectrum Talks for answers! We wanted to know which luxury products you can’t live without, the brands that are hitting the mark on either side of the scale, and what the differences really are.

So when it comes to luxury vs budget beauty, who wins? Let’s find out.

High End or Affordable: Can We Tell the Difference?

If you’re investing in something luxurious, it has to hit the mark – and it has to be special. Is it always that easy to tell the difference though? What is it that makes high-end beauty products different?

Some of you honestly said you can’t tell the difference. 

 And as it turns out, quality by itself isn’t a hallmark!

It’s true - there are loads of great beauty brands at both ends of the scale. On the other hand, some of you said particular products seem to vary more.

 Which Luxury Beauty Products are Worth the Money?

There’s nothing worse than treating yourself only to be let down by your new product. On the other hand, sometimes that little luxury is exactly what we need – and we can’t live without it. So, which high-end brands get our vote?

 We can’t say no to beautiful eyeshadow palettes, and as it turns out, neither can our Spectrum sisters. 

 We savour our luxury products too – the longer it takes to hit pan, the better!

 We are officially sold on this review alone. Sign us up for glowing, youthful skin!

Is Luxury Skincare Better Quality?

Luxury and quality go hand in hand, don’t they?

It’s pretty natural to expect high-end products to be better – both inside and out. We wanted to know whether this is actually true though. It may surprise you but the answer from our Spectrum sisters is a resounding… No.

 This is so true. There are loads of affordable skincare brands these days, with ingredients and formulas surprisingly similar to their high-end rivals.

Yes – it’s all about what works for you and your skin. If budget is a top factor, our top tips for finding the best affordable beauty products are:

Do Your Research

What are people saying about the brand and the quality of their products?

Look at the Ingredients

Are there goodies listed here that you know your skin will love? Also, check whether their concentrations are high enough to have an effect!

Try One New Product At a Time

Avoid switching up your skincare and beauty regime too much in one go – or you won’t be able to tell what each new product is doing. By trying one new, budget product on its own you can see whether it works for you – then later maybe try the rest of the range.

Are There More Top-Quality Budget Beauty Brands Nowadays?

Having a choice is so important – but when it comes to beauty products that don’t break the bank, are there enough options?

 Yes, babe! We’ve talked about conscious beauty on the blog before, and as you all know, here at Spectrum we’re proud that all of our products are vegan and cruelty free.. We love to see new brands sharing our values and there are more than ever it seems!

 It’s true, ELF are killing it when it comes to both products and ethos. One of our favourite affordable makeup and beauty brands for sure!

Which is Better Overall: High End or Affordable Beauty?

Now it’s time for the big question: do we vote luxury or budget? Let’s hear some views before the big reveal…

Nothing wrong with that – we can dream! But now let’s get to it. The results are in, and it’s a bit of a landslide.

a bar graph

We can’t give up our luxuries, but our love for affordable beauty is undeniable! And to be honest, we’re not surprised. Small beauty brands are killing it these days – with great products that really work and don’t hurt your bank balance. Honestly, what’s not to love?

The Wider Picture

Outside our Spectrum bubble are the results the same? We took a look at the whole of the UK to find out.

As it turns out, the UK as a whole seems to be more interested in budget beauty products than high-end options. Trends from the last 12 months show searches for ‘cheap beauty’ are almost double the ‘luxury beauty’ searches! But really, what matters is your preference. If you want that luxury palette or balm, you go for it.

Luxury Without the Price Tag

It’s the dream isn’t it – the best beauty products at prices you love. We’re all about balance here at Spectrum, so don’t miss our hot new makeup collection and tell us what you think!

And as always, if you loved this Spectrum Talks recap, join us on Twitter for new topics. We chat every Tuesday at 12pm.