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Spectrum Talks: Christmas Gifting

Spectrum Talks: Christmas Gifting

We’re feeling festive here at Spectrum HQ, so our latest Spectrum talk was all about Christmas gifting! How organised are we when it comes to buying Christmas presents, what do we shop for and what do we treat ourselves to? (If you don’t, you should!)

As always, we asked you, our Spectrum babes, to fill us in on everything Christmas. So, if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for friends and family, or you just want a little reassurance you’re not the only one leaving it until the last minute, then keep reading.

When Do You Start Christmas Shopping?

It’s time to come clean babes. Is it always a mad rush around Christmas because you’ve left your gifting to the last minute? Or are you one of those organised people who are already thinking about Christmas shopping in July?

As it turns out, there’s a real mix of Christmas gifting habits in our Spectrum bubble.

when do you start your christmas shopping

Buying Christmas gifts throughout the year proved most popular, believe it or not! There were also just as many of you starting your Christmas shopping in July, August and November as there were leaving it to the last minute.

 Some of you said doing your Christmas shopping early helps you spread out the costs so you don’t feel broke by Christmas. For others, getting organised has been harder than you thought!

 And then there’s always one who leaves it a little too late…

What’s Better: Gift Bundles or Individual Presents?

Is a bundle better than one stand-out Christmas gift? For many of you, that depends on who you’re buying for.

 For others, you just can’t beat a bundle though!

 And some of you even hinted you’d be keen to see some Spectrum bundles…

 Ask and we’ll deliver! If you’re a fan of gift bundles, we’ve got a new range of Black Friday bundles available right now.  And if you want to keep them for yourself, we won’t tell.

Beauty Christmas Gifts: Yes or No?

Are beauty products just for self-gifting, or do you like buying makeup and brushes for friends and family too?

 This sounds like us! I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen if you buy someone a gift you love yourself? You might just get to keep it…

 It’s true that getting beauty gifting right can be tricky. One thing to consider is whether the brands you shop are vegan and cruelty free like us – it might be that ethical factors like these are important to the people you’re gifting to.

There are some great beauty gift guides out there – including our very own Christmas Gift Guide – which you can use for inspiration. Don’t forget to keep it personal, and get something you know they’ll love. This could be a favourite product maybe, or something you know is on their wish list.

Self Gifting: Will You Be Treating Yourself This Christmas?

You probably already know we think self-care is important – you do too, as we found out in our self-care Spectrum talk!

As well as sleeping well, eating healthily and practising habits like mindfulness, listening to what you need and indulging (whether that’s with a relaxing scented candle or a new brush set) can be a form of self-care.

As Christmas rolls around, there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a gift or two!

Beauty Advent Calendars: Yes or No?

For our last question, we skipped ahead a little to Christmas 2021 and asked whether you’d like to see a Spectrum advent calendar! And even though we’re in the early stages of this idea, we’re loving your responses…

Christmas 2020 Gifts: Inspo & Offers

Instead of leaving it to the last minute, shop our Christmas gifts right now. From cute gift card boxes to stocking fillers and luxury bundles, we’ve got something special for however generous you’re feeling.