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How to Organise Makeup

How to Organise Makeup

When you’re getting ready, you want your makeup right at hand. Whether you’re priming, creating smokey eyes or adding those final flourishes, you don’t want to hunt for makeup or brushes.

Organising your makeup means you can keep track of your favourite products, you’ll never lose any of your go-to makeup, and getting ready will be a cinch. So, how do you organise your makeup? Like this…

How to Organise your Makeup Bag

We all have our go-to products. And if they’re your go-tos, you want to get to them easily. And quickly! A makeup bag for your favourites is essential. It’s also ideal for travelling and when you need to apply makeup on the go.

With a good makeup bag, you’ll have everything all in one place. It reduces clutter and you won’t have an overwhelming collection where you can’t find anything. You’ll be super organised in no time! Just remember to choose a makeup bag that’s got plenty of room to stash all your essential products, whether lip gloss, mascara or foundation.

Opt for a bag with multiple compartments and use each compartment for different products. Think eyes, lips, cheeks, complexion. That kind of thing. Just remember to stay organised and pop each product back in its proper compartment when you’re done. Simple and easy!

How to Organise a Makeup Drawer

For your wider makeup collection, you want to get as organised as possible. No one needs a cluttered makeup stash. A makeup table (link to blog) is perfect if you have the space. It provides a dedicated area to get ready and offers loads of storage potential too.

You can still keep your everyday makeup in a makeup bag or on the table. If you have a mirror with storage either side, that’s great too. But the majority of your makeup is going to go into the drawers. Not thrown into an overcrowded drawer though – neatly placed in a well organised drawer!

So, how do you bring a little organisation into your life? If you have a few drawers, you can store your makeup products by category. Have one drawer for skincare, one of for eye makeup, one for blush etc. The same theory applies if you’re dealing with one drawer or just a couple. You just need to invest in some dividers. By placing dividers in your drawers, you can create separate spaces for different products. You can have a space for skincare, eye makeuplips, foundation and so on.

Or if you’ve got a big collection, you can divide your drawers by colours of lipstick, shades of eyeshadow and more. The key is to decide on your categorisation technique and stick to it. Whenever you use products, just put them back where you got them and you’ll be organised in no time.

How to Organise Makeup Brushes

Your makeup brushes are just as important as your makeup. Want a smokey eye? Need to blend makeup without a cakey finish (link to blog)? It all comes down to the right makeup brushes.

But you need to look after them and keep them organised. To store your brushes, opt for a good brush holder or makeup brush storage box. This will ensure they’re kept standing up, so they don’t get damaged or pushed out of shape. For proper application, your brushes really need to keep their shape! Also, if you keep eye brushes and face brushes stored separately and categorised, you can find your go-to brush in an instant.

Try and keep your clean makeup brushes and those that need a clean separate. You’ll always know which are ready to use and which aren’t. This makes both makeup application and cleaning easy and straightforward.

The Takeaway

Whether you’ve got a drawer in the bathroom or a dedicated makeup table, with a few simple steps you’ll have a well-organised and easy-to-access makeup collection. You can thank us later.