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Let's Talk About Balance...

Let's Talk About Balance...

Happy Sunday loves,

There's nothing better than finishing your weekend with some reading, and even better if that read helps you feel inspired for the week ahead, so that's what this blog post is all about.

We're all craving that bit of comfort right now, that feeling of being settled, still, with a clear mind and even more so, the satisfaction of a clear to-do list. The thing is, that is rarely a state we are lucky enough to find ourselves in.

create your own sense of calm

Of course, we can crack open a bottle of wine, watch the TV, or read a book, spend some time not 'working' but in truth, the work is always going on inside our heads, and that is something that is truly the hardest thing to switch off, your own mind when it is always busy. So you have to create your own sense of calm.

We thought we'd put some ideas together for you in a blog post, giving you some inspiration as to how you can hopefully switch off, even if it's just for an hour on a Sunday evening, and we've added some extra inspo quotes for you that we think you'll enjoy.

The first step to winding your mind down is most definitely the hardest, and that is to put down your phone, if not right now then definitely for a full hour in the evening. It's incredibly hard, especially at the moment as we're all primarily in the house during the evening, but that is why it is the most important.

This is the first and definitely the hardest step towards calm.

It sounds simple, but the simplest things are sometimes the most difficult to do well, and to do this properly you should place your phone in another room, not just on the coffee table face down, sneaking a peek in case of alerts (guilty).

If you can't do a full hour, maybe try 2 x 30 min chunks, and see if that helps you ease into a longer period of time without your phone, tablet, or laptop in your hands.

The second step, for us anyway, is to take our makeup off and put some PJs on. This is a pretty good affirmation for your mind that you are done for the day, no more calls or commitments, just comfort. Some call this self care, whatever you call it, it's important and you don't have to label it, just do it! You deserve a full evening free from work and the best way to step into that part of your day is to remove your makeup and your bra, and get comfy.

Even if you don't think of taking your makeup off as self care, it is a step towards it.

That might be all you have to do! If you are feeling a little better for just taking those two steps that's a great start, just eat good food and get some rest. If however, like us you're probably still in the phase of calming down but not quite there just yet and need a little more help, read on.

Step 3, positive affirmation, meditation, whatever you would prefer to call it, is quite a powerful exercise. Just saying the same thing 3 times will affirm it in your mind and help you accept it as truth. So pick something positive and repeat!

repeat after me...

You can find calm in just repeating positive affirmations, writing them down, or simply reading them. Here are some we really enjoy from the queen of positivity, Oprah! Click here for positivity!

Step 4, if you live in a world where by day you are stuck to your screen, there is usually a lot of joy to be found by having real human conversations and interactions, especially if you're feeling particularly isolated. This is best done in person, but of course this is definitely one of the better activities we can utilise our phones for. If you have managed to put it down for a while, then perhaps you'd like to pick it up and make a phone call, you can even put your phone on speaker while you're making a cuppa and raiding the cupboard for treats.

pick up your phone to do what it was made for, speak to people!

Step 5, and finally, just do nothing! Sit on your sofa, sit on your bed, sit with your dog, family, or yourself, just sit still! Light a candle, play some music, go all out if you'd like, however you may choose, but just take time to slow down, and eventually we hope after all of this you've finally found a place where your mind is calm and you have some peace.

We're off to try and do a few of these steps now loves, enjoy your Sunday and hopefully get some rest. Remember tomorrow is another chance to reach your goals so tonight, take some time for you. We know our new luxuriously scented candles will help you relax and unwind too x

Love, Sophie & Hannah