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Gifts For The Inspirational Women In Your Life

Gifts For The Inspirational Women In Your Life

Movie nights are fun and all (we could eat popcorn all day every day, wbu?), but you’ll catch us taking makeup notes before we’re dropping any film reviews. 

Sorry, what was that? We can’t hear you through the shouts of “Yass Queen!” on our feeds today.

And that’s how it should be, given that today is International Women’s Day – a day for unapologetically celebrating all things fabulous, fierce and femme.

As, let’s face it. The world would be a pretty dull place without our shine, right girls?

It would also be pretty dull without all the wonderful and inspirational women we have by our side; our mothers, nanas, aunties, sisters, besties – all totally unique in their own way - today really is our day to appreciate them, quirks and all.

So, in honour of IWD and all the wonder-women we have in our life, here is a selection of gift ideas that would be fit for our special queens’ special quirks… 


For The Disney Lover! 


For the one who can recite every line of ‘Tale as old as time’, and turn any boring evening into a Pixar and popcorn panto, this one’s for them! If you’re looking for a gift for the Disney loving lady in your life, then you’ll find loads of trademark Disney makeup brushes and gift sets here…whether she prefers to be powdered like a princess, or contoured like a prince, you can give her a Disney moment she’ll thank you for every time she puts her face on. 


For The Makeup Pro!


Oh yes, the one who just looks fabulously flawless every time you see her. This girl knows what’s good in quality vegan makeup brush sets, (did someone say silky soft tips?) so, if you’re looking for a jaw-to-the-floor gift that she’ll know you’ve put so much thought into, you can’t go wrong with our Signature Sets collection.


For The Jet Setter!


For the one who can’t wait for the heat to hit them in the face right off the plane, who’s already got her beach bag packed, and is counting down the days until the only crickets she hears are the ones en route to daiquiris on the strip, we’ve got the perfect travel book makeup sets that are totally on point for the lady in your life who loves to live it large on a lounger.


For The Creative Artist!


Need a gift idea that’s as creative as the special lady you’re buying for? Our Van Gogh Museum makeup brush and makeup brush bundle sets are so beautifully unique and designed with culture and class in mind. A real masterpiece of a gift for the lady who dares to be different and paints her face as beautifully as she does her life.


For The Makeup Newbie!


This girl is destined for good things, so she needs a makeup brush set that will grow and glow just as much as she does! Perfect for the girl who’s just getting into makeup, (or if she’s already well on her way), these sets are so versatile and encourage free, uninhibited experimental expression. You glow girl!