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Spectrum x Veganuary: Doing Things Your Way

Spectrum x Veganuary: Doing Things Your Way

We’re midway through January, and so far, 2022 is shaping up to be a little better than last year! But January also marks Veganuary, a great time to think differently about your habits and what you can do to be kinder to the planet.

At Spectrum, we're always thinking of our community and ways in which we can better ourselves, and we’re starting the year off right by getting involved in Veganuary our way.

Want to embrace Veganuary with us? Take a look at what it’s all about, with some ideas for simple changes you can make this January, and beyond.

Doing Veganuary Your Way


There’s always a lot of pressure at this time of year to be seen to be doing things. Whether it’s embarking on a new fitness routine, Dry January, or healthy eating, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. And the pressure to do Veganuary is no different.

But why should you feel guilty about the things you’re not doing? The truth is, it’s the little things we do collectively that make a difference. So why not do Veganuary your way and celebrate all the little ways you can help the planet? 

Take Care Of What You Have

Makeup Brush Cleaning

Living more sustainably and being kinder to the environment is something we’re fully on board with. It’s about taking better care of the things you have to help them last longer, so that you can buy them less frequently.

Start with your makeup brushes. Investing in high-quality brushes like our award-winning KJH 11-Piece Brush Set means buying fewer brushes to create professional beauty looks.

Cleaning your brushes will make them last longer, work more effectively AND they’re better for your skin. Taking a little time as part of your self-care routine to clean your brushes can be a great way to get ready for the week ahead. We have a range of deliciously scented brush soaps with a built-in scrub that’s perfect for giving your brushes some regular TLC. Check out our Makeup Brush Soaps and start a new weekly ritual!

Look Out For Sustainable Packaging

Spectrum Sustainable Packaging

Everyone can do something to cut down on how much they use single-use plastics. At Spectrum, we’re constantly looking for ways to make our packaging more sustainable. We’re cutting back on how much packaging we use, and are reducing our carbon footprint. When you buy from Spectrum, you can feel great knowing you’re buying a product that respects the environment, and we’ll feel great knowing you chose us too!

Donate To A Good Cause

The Aspinall Foundation

Veganuary is also about being kind to animals, a cause that’s very close to our hearts at Spectrum. 

That’s why we support The Aspinall Foundation, an incredible cause that is working to tackle the challenges of conservation and protection of endangered species, always with the intention to re-wild animals wherever possible. 

If you would like to take the time, we encourage you to learn more about what The Aspinall Foundation does, and also make a direct donation here.

This Veganuary, don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything. Instead, focus on the things you can do and celebrate those successes. We can all do something to contribute to a more colourful future for everyone, and taking positive actions can be a fantastic way to beat those winter blues. 

What little steps will you be taking this Veganuary?