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Spectrum Talks: Spring Beauty

Spectrum Talks: Spring Beauty

Here at Spectrum, we’re ready to embrace all parts of spring, even the April showers. With the new season comes new colour palettes, skincare routines, and lip shades to complement a dewy sun-kissed glow.

No two people wear the same Spring makeup, and we wanted to see them all! These are the beauty styles that our Twitter gals are excited to embrace the sunshine with, courtesy of this week’s Spectrum Talks.


Do You Prefer Bright Spring/Summer Makeup or Autumnal/Winter Looks?

With colour palettes that vary so much by season, it’s impossible to decide on a favourite, and you seemed to agree. Why opt for seasonal makeup when you can simply wear the colours that make you feel the most like yourself? 


Or maybe you have a go-to, classic look that you adapt to tie in with the summer sun?


What Is Your Favourite Thing About Spring/Summer Makeup?

Your answer to this one was pretty much unanimous: everyone loves the dewy finish and the simplicity of ‘no-makeup makeup’, and we don’t blame you When the sun comes out, we think it’s the perfect time to let our skin breathe and get its own natural glow.



And what’s a more classic springtime look than sun-kissed freckles and a pink bridge?


What Makeup Do You Like to Switch Up in the Spring/Summer Months Compared to Winter?

The consensus here was that you tend to swap out your base makeup for lighter coverage, and we couldn’t agree more. While we love a full beat as much as anyone else, a gentler foundation or bb cream can be better for your skin, as well as the longevity of your look, in the warmer months.


And, for that little extra self-love, we really love this tip of going for a spring foundation with a bit of SPF.



You also said you liked to change up your colours – brighter eyeshadows and lips tend to match the spring scenery nicely, don’t you think?


What Skincare Products Do You Tend to Change Up in the Spring/Summer Months?

Moisturiser was a big one in terms of adapting your skin care routines, and we totally agree. Water-based moisturisers help lock moisture in the skin and keep you looking and feeling hydrated. Unlike oil-based ones, it also doesn’t block your pores, leaving your skin free to breathe.


Our glowful primer kit is great for doing just that!



Your skincare routine is also another opportunity for you to get that all-important SPF into your routine, particularly if you like to forego foundation altogether when it comes to your spring and summer makeup looks.


What’s Your Go-To Spring Lip at the Moment?

We’re always looking for recommendations and we know that you are too, so we were excited to find out which lip colours would be taking the world by storm this spring.


Several of you said you’ve been wearing corals and nudes, which we think is a perfect palate for Spring lip colours. You just can’t go wrong with a natural look!



…But sometimes the bright ones really just catch your eye.


Feeling Inspired…?

Is it time for you to restock for Spring? Have our girls got you ready to change your routine? Treat yourself to some new makeup ready for Spring and Summer in 2022.


Whether you prefer a year-round red or like to take your colours season-by-season, we want to know your thoughts on all things makeup and skincare. Join us on Twitter every Tuesday at 12pm for our Spectrum Talks Q&A.