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5 Prom Makeup Looks for 2023

5 Prom Makeup Looks for 2023

Prom night is all about looking picture-perfect. Literally. Yes, your outfit is super important, but your prom makeup needs to be standout too. You’ll want something that complements your prom dress and showcases your best features.

Do you want to go bold and daring? Or get a classic look that works for a more formal occasion? And while you might not be able to splash out on your very own MUA for the big night, you can nail some prom makeup looks at home. Here are a few prom makeup ideas to get you thinking.

  1.     Natural Prom Makeup

A natural look is all about using subtle techniques to highlight and emphasize your best features. It’s a bit of you, but just a little bit better for prom night. So, how do you get the look?

-         First start with a foundation with sheer coverage or a tinted moisturizer as your base.

-         You can mix in a little liquid highlighter for some extra glow.

-         Contour your cheekbones and around your eyes. Just keep it subtle and don’t go overboard.

-         Add some brow gel and mascara.

-         Complete the look with velvet lipstick in a shade that’s close to your natural lip color.

You’re all set. Natural, sexy and the best version of you. And this is a look that will last all night too.

  1.   Smokey Eye Makeup

We love this prom makeup look. It never fails to impress. Whether you’re the queen of smokey eyes or this is your first time, it is a failsafe look for prom.

Remember to work with the natural shape of your eyes. Focus the dark colors on the lash line and the outer third and keep the lightest tones on the inner corner. This stops your eyes looking smaller and gives them the sexy shape you want to create. When you add false lashes to your look make sure they are thicker and longer at the ends to accentuate the look.

And remember to keep your lipstick simple to keep all eyes on your eyes. To nail that smokey-eye look, a smudger brush works wonders. The feathered bristles help to blur and “smudge” your eyeshadow to create that hazy effect.

  1.   Pastel Eye Makeup

This is the look for spring and works wonderfully well for prom. We can’t get enough of pretty pastel eyes right now. And if you match them with your dress, wow what a look.

So, if you’ve got a pink dress opt for a pastel pink eyeshadow. Or a pastel blue eyeshade for a blue dress. You get the idea. With this look, the options are endless and it’s all about customizing it to help make your outfit and overall look pop.

You can also keep it subtle and simple with a pastel eyeliner instead – just add it to the top and bottom lash line. A liner brush is essential to apply eyeliner to your upper and lower lash lines.

  1.   Easy Glam Prom Makeup

If you don’t want to go too wild and out there, an easy glam or a soft glam makeup look is just perfect for prom. It works with a floaty and flirty dress and will make sure your prom pictures look timeless for years to come.

-         Start with a natural matte foundation.

-         Add some bronzer then fill in your brows.

-         Add some peachy shadow and matte liquid lipstick.

-         Curl your lashes and add your mascara.

When it comes to your mascara less definitely isn’t more for this prom makeup look. Just remember to not overdo it too much though. And if you want some extra drama while still keeping things classy, opt for some false lashes.

  1.   Silver Glitter Eye Makeup

Silver glitter brings a more intense glam look to your prom outfit. If you have a deep skin tone with cool undertones, silver makeup will really pop. Shimmery foiled lids also photograph beautifully and are easy to execute. You just need the right eyeshadow in the right color.

A Few Other On-Trend Prom Makeup Looks We Love

A few of our other favorite prom makeup ideas include:

-         Pearl embellishments

-         Jewel embellished eyes

-         Gold and rose prom makeup

-         Graphic eyeliner

-         Monochromatic pastels

Top Tips for Keeping Your Prom Makeup in Place

You want your prom makeup to last all night. A real prom queen looks as good at the end of the night as she does for the photos at the start. This is what you can do to make sure that’s you:

Prep for your skin correctly: Cleanse and exfoliate to create an even texture and rid your skin of any dry patches. A good moisturizer will make sure your skin is hydrated and ready for makeup. Now you have a base to work with.

Set your base: Set your makeup in place with a setting powder and a setting spray. This should set your foundation and mattify shiny areas without leaving you looking cakey. Finishing off your base with a setting spray will make sure your makeup is smudge-proof and that excess powder is seamlessly blended into your skin.

Make sure your mascara is waterproof: Prom is all about looking great, but you want to have fun too. If you’re hitting the dance floor you want to look as good when you step off it as you did when you stepped on it. Waterproof mascara is a prom night go-to. Not only will it stay put, but your lashes will get a full, long separated look too. And even if you go all-out glam with your makeup look, your lashes will still stand out.

Whatever your prom makeup look, you’ll look picture-perfect and have the time of your life.